Refurbished/Refinished Decks

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First Place

Ravin Builders

Partner: in-lite

We were called to evaluate a home that was only 8 years old. Unfortunately, this multi-million dollar coastal property displayed some of the worst craftsmanship we’ve seen on its 4 decks. All decking, railing, and trim needed to be replaced due to improper installation and replaced with materials that will hold up to the constant onslaught of salt spray this exterior encounters.
Some repairs were made to the frame and waterproof bladder as needed, but luckily most of the issues were limited to the outer skin and fasteners. The decking was replaced with Deckorators Voyage MBC and all trim with Versatex. The Intex Millwork railings were chosen for their hidden brackets, providing an extra layer of protection from the weather. Finally, all-stainless fasteners were used so that the customer’s investment will last for years to come. The addition of new deck lighting was paired with a complete landscape lighting package to add warmth and ambiance to the beautifully manicured landscape. A custom inlay completes the front entrance.
Separately from the deck, a lack of flashing lead to severe water penetration issues into the home, resulting in a complete interior to exterior rebuild of a 3 story gable-end by our team.

Second Place

Fraser Decks and Patio Covers

Partner: Dixieline Lumber & Home Centers

This project was an existing Ipe deck that another contractor was refinishing and ended up burning down. They left oily rags under the deck overnight and the rags caught fire and burned a large portion of the deck and framing along with the walls, doors, and eaves of the house and the tiles around the base of the deck. We came in and replaced all of the doors, fixed all of the damaged areas on the home, replaced large sections of interior flooring, rebuilt and painted the eaves, removed and replaced the tile, replaced the burned alarm system, and then rebuilt the burned portions of the deck to match the original layout. We also had to blend all of the new Ipe decking with the original Ipe decking that was not replaced, so that took quite a bit of effort to use different finishes to make them all look around the same age. We also had to rebuild the glass railing, but the type of shoe they had was no longer made, so we had to make custom shoes for the replacement glass railing and then powder coat it to match the original railing.

Third Place

LS Underground

Partners: TimberTech, Simpson Strong-Tie, & TREX

This immaculate renovation project, initially conceived as a promotional showcase for a deck flooring manufacturer, faced the inevitability of aging a mere 15 years after construction. In response, the owner sought a rejuvenation, desiring a seamless integration of contemporary technology and updated product lines. Notably, we successfully preserved the entirety of the existing framework, strategically augmenting it to rectify deficiencies in border and seam break layouts inherent in the original design.

Beyond the incorporation of cutting-edge flooring technology, our commitment to meeting current standards extended to introducing curved deck boards for enhanced borders. This not only addressed the project’s specific needs but also expanded our service repertoire in line with the latest technological advancements. From its impeccably crafted initial design, this undertaking emerged as a testament to our prowess in achieving a remarkable transformation.

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