Commercial Outdoor Living Project

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First Place

Q-Ice Builders

Partners: CAMO & Feeney

This project was designed and built to create outdoor space for local residence to be able to walk, enjoy a workout and relax. One of the challenges encountered in constructing was the elevation of the deck off the water. Because it is elevated over 10 feet above the water, extensive framework and scaffolding were used to set pilings and framing. The Shade structure in the middle was especially challenging as the piles needed to where 10” round 55’ Tall Piles. Since this was a retention pond with no boat ramp access we were not able to use a large crane barge to set them. Once set we designed a Stainless truss system to offset the tension of the shade canopy. Stainless handrails and synthetic WearDeck decking ensure a low maintenance facility for years to come.

Second Place

Chicago Roof Deck and Garden

Partner: Struxure

With over 15 design revisions to reach that FINAL design. These clients were super detail oriented and had a stern vision for the deck. Due to the height of the screening and the location of the pergola we were required to make penetrations to the roof for the posts to be structurally secured to the roof. Custom shop drawings were created to detail out the final Ipe slat finish on the bar and grill counter tops since the clients preferred a more mitered look versus the top screwed detail. The finished product was nothing short of a clean, intricate and visually appealing space that you would want to enjoy all year long!

Third Place

Ridgeline Decks Co.

Partner: City Post

We were contacted to build two decks with world class views for the Colville National Forest Near the Canadian border in Northeastern Washington. The terrain was very steep and rugged and access was limited to logging roads and the decks were 7 miles apart. This made the project very difficult as the deck framing was pressure treated dimensional beams up to 6×12 that were very heavy and long. We used a truck and trailer to get the timbers close and then used good old manual labor to drag the beams down to each area. The construction was heavy duty with large lags and aluminum decking. We are especially proud of these projects as they are in such an amazing public area that will be enjoyed for generations.

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