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First Place

Northern Outdoor Living

Partners: Deckorators, in-lite, ProWood, Regal ideas, & Outlive LLC

This comprehensive project encompasses five distinct lighting/illumination systems featuring ten unique lighting elements. These include two under rail lights with three color options, two separate RGBW fiber optic motor systems, three white flex LEDs embedded in the main beam, a 60mm outdoor fixture mimicking the setting/rising sun/moon, a Flex RGBW strip light for changing color horizon backlight, and a natural stone Fire Table.

To ensure resilience against harsh weather and rodents and facilitate easy maintenance, each electrical light system was seamlessly integrated into the wall. The wiring was strategically led through conduits, directed to the underside of the wall, and tucked into the deck’s rim. The myriad of color-changing options allows for almost limitless combinations of lighting scenes, offering a dynamic visual experience.

The fiber optic stars, meticulously predrilled and secured, provide captivating displays with twinkling and color-changing modes. The technique employed for the aluminum-clad wall and tree leaves involved precise drilling, ensuring secure attachment and a flush cut for a mesmerizing dance of points when finished. The horizon’s flexible LED light, configured in an inverted V shape, generates a natural horizon light effect, mimicking the sun’s/moon’s illumination as it gracefully dissipates along the suggested light source.

Second Place

Baxter Construction

Partner: Regal ideas

This was one of the most unique design and builds I have done. The house is on water which introduces a complete new set of complications when building a structure. We had to design and engineer a completely new upper level to support an outdoor living area including a kitchen. We built a floating frame to support the new waterproof decking. We moved the staircase and added new access areas. The railings were a challenge as we wanted to capture the view, but we knew we had to get creative with the glass to allow for shifting as the boat would move in the water. The upper level also required constant power and new lines installed to operate the kitchen. At night the complete deck illuminates including the railings.

Third Place

LS Underground

Partners: IG Railings & Pro Deck Supply

With the surging popularity of RGB lighting and the increasing desire for lively and vibrant color schemes at events like birthdays, gender reveals, or holiday gatherings, the entire crowd can marvel at the transformative power of lighting. Now, you have complete control over your backyard, allowing you to choose the setting that suits your mood for the day.

Whether it’s an elegant and modern atmosphere with soft, gentle tones for relaxation or a fiery display of reds and oranges to release pent-up aggression, the possibilities are endless. Imagine synchronizing the lighting to your music, dancing to the rhythmic pulse of a thousand shades while celebrating a teenager’s championship football win. Be the most festive house on the block during Christmas or the staunchest supporter of your local sports team on game day. Colors have the remarkable ability to influence both reality and mood, and our 5-zone lighting system gives clients separate control over each, making anything possible. This including not using them at all and having the alternate ability to switch on common ceiling lights to blend with the neighborhood.

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