Inlay on a Deck

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First Place

LS Underground

Partners: TimberTech, FastenMaster, & Simpson Strong-Tie

We achieved a world-class aesthetic by strategically implementing a lighter, more mild color palette for the main surface areas, expertly complemented by a bold and contrasting border throughout the entire deck. This meticulous choice yielded exceptional results, elevating the overall design to a level of sophistication.

For the outdoor kitchen area, we took the design to a new level by introducing a bold transition through the reversal of colors. This intentional shift not only defined the space but also added a captivating element to the overall appeal. The reversal of the border color scheme in this area further contributed to a sense of refinement and visual intrigue.

The introduction of a curved bridge connecting the side of the house to the more elaborate addition in the back presented a unique challenge. Our commitment to excellence led us to bend all the deck boards on the bridge, creating a layout conundrum where it met the straight flooring of the primary design. The solution? A seamless continuation of the elaborate flooring design across the deck, gracefully transitioning to a second level—a testament to our dedication to achieving a world-class result in every aspect of the project.

Second Place

Homes & More by Hand, LLC

Partners: FastenMaster & G-Tape

A homeowner asked me to create a honeybee design for their deck. I decided to create a double inlay of a bee within a hive. To begin the process, I projected an image of a bee onto a piece of plywood and traced it to create a pattern. I used a scroll saw to cut the plywood into pieces. I then attached the pattern to the decking material and used a shaper table to form the final 36 inlay pieces.

There were several challenges I needed to overcome while assembling the inlay. The decking material used was of different thicknesses, so I used pocket screws to keep the face in plane while screwing the body together. The thinner pieces were then padded using 1/16-inch PVC material. In order to give the wings a natural look, I not only used the differences of the grain, but also created a gap to differentiate the wings. The antenna were simply created by using a gap within the hive pieces. Each individual piece of the hive was rounded on the outer edge to emulate how people perceive hives to look.

I was very pleased with the overall outcome as was the homeowner.

Third Place

Hen-House Decks

Partners: CAMO, Deckorators, & FastenMaster

This customer called us to give them a one-of-a-kind deck. After seeing our work, they gave us the freedom to design them a deck that was a piece of art. We designed an inlay that was unique. The double sq’s had a 4″ Deckorators board with a full 6″ Deckorators board as well. This is different than other similar inlays I’ve seen before. We also installed the decking around the inlay in a multi herringbone patten. It made this whole deck section an entire inlay area. This is truly more that an outdoor space, it’s a piece of art.

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