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9 08, 2022

Wholesale Lumber Drops 50 Per Cent, Retailer’s to See Prices Change Soon

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Consumers may continue to see the price of lumber at retail stores drop considerably in the coming months after wholesale prices declined around 50 per cent back in June. Paul Jannke, Principle of Lumber for Forest Economic Advisors says that in March wholesale prices peaked at around $1,400 per thousand board feet (the standard unit of measure for Western Spruce-Fir-Pine lumber), but about a month ago took a nose dive.

28 06, 2022

Many Lumber Prices Flat As Ongoing Delivery Delays Resolved

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After dropping quite a bit in recent weeks, many softwood lumber prices levelled off in mid-June as a modicum of supply-demand balance seemed to have been reached. Over the past two years as the lumber market reacted to big changes in external conditions, there was never-before-seen high price levels and volatility. It looks like the remarkable highs and attendant corrections down might be getting worked out, as these swings are less extreme each time.

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