Company Name: ABG Outdoor Solutions
Member Name:  Walter Jones
Member Category: Builder, Designer & Retailer
Location: Randolph, NJ

What inspired you to join NADRA?  I filled out the application as a continuing effort to build awareness of our brand and of our mission, NADRA provides great exposure to potential clients, industry members, and manufactures, we appreciate the opportunity to share our dream!

When did you first get involved with this industry? With ABG in NJ 2011, prior to that I started in construction in the mid 90’s doing demo and general labor, I started working for a great contractor in Berkeley CA in 2001 and that launch the inspiration to commit myself to the industry and spark the possibilities of being an artist in the process, By 2004 I had begun doing “side projects,”  decks as well as outdoor features became a staple in my life.

What was the first thing you ever built? I had a small record store in Keyport, NJ in the mid 90’s and  I was very much into music and promoting touring bands, so from time to time I would put on shows, so I built music stages and skateboard ramps from time to time.

We want to get to know you, please tell us a little about your business:  ABG outdoor Solutions has been around since 2011 in New Jersey.

We are passionate about making outdoor living projects come true. We can make just about whatever you can conceive come to life, and we try to make sure our clients are completely informed each and every step of the way. Whether we are working on a deck building project, a shade structure or a new outdoor kitchen or fireplace, we’ll work hand-in-hand with our clients to ensure the final result turns out as planned.

Our Mission: ABG Outdoor Solutions is committed to the creation of the most beautiful, functional, and emotionally evocative outdoor spaces, while providing our clients, an easy process, high end products, seamless installation for years of enjoyment.

I have been with the company from conception of 2010 brought the company back from California which I had been working yet prior under a different name. 2014 We opened our showroom in Randolph NJ, Coming Spring 2018 look for our online store!

We are averaging 15 to 20 projects a year, Higher years reaching 25-35. Our goal is not quantity but quality we’ve shifted from model striving to do a lot and focusing on a model that wants to do less with more.

We specialize in outdoor deck environments that include outdoor kitchens, shade structures, stone features, and automation.

How do you define success?  I define success as the ability to drive my mental, physical, and spiritual self to experience life without regret. Live, love, learn. While providing the ability to give back fully and receive fluidly…

In short, I work to live a life of my own design, while being able to embrace things that unfold, and helping others along the way.

You must be the change you want to see in the world.” – Mahatma Gandhi

What advice would you like to share with fellow members that you have learned in your career? Make a plan, work your plan, always adjust your plan as needed. Adaptation is tough, but real. Also I am learning that you can only carry others so far, finding the right people is key to healthy growth.

If you could ask your fellow industry professionals one question, what might it be?  What drives you? Where are the most memorable places you have visited?

What would you do for a career if you weren’t doing this? I would do Consulting for product branding and product development. I would also become a CrossFit coach and travel 10 out of 12 months doing both!

A little more about Walter: 

I am currently excited to be working with NADRA to help create an education program for the Outdoor Living industry. The Building industry is in dire need to recapture the interest of our youth as our successors, so much is at stake if we lose site the artisanship and craft of everyday functions. I hope programs like these will become a gate way to much needed change.

I live to travel and explore, I am always working to improve my health physically and mentally.

Currently, Bonnie and I are plotting out all of the places we are going to live in the world so we have to visit them first. It also provides me with inspirational things to bring back to my community.

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