After 15 years of success in the European market, Grad® Concept is bringing its patented innovation to North America. This exciting new venture has seen Grad® Concept USA partner with installers, millworkers, and architects alike including, Woodhaven (KS), Thermalwood (Canada), and Thermory (NY). Their approach to innovation and quality makes them a perfect fit for the NADRA community.

With its line of aluminum rails, Grad® Concept USA is a game changer in the industry. The product’s functionality means it is revolutionizing how decks are built making it easier and faster: simply place the rail on the joist, then snap your boards on top. There are no individual clips to screw for optimal comfort and 100% flawless designs. Customers can trust that all boards are perfectly aligned, and the gaps are even, with systems being built to last.

What makes Grad® so special? Grad® is virtually maintenance-free, it’s robust, and comes with pedestals (1 for all heights up to 20 inches) that do not need to be attached to the floor and have a single loading resistance of up to 2200 lbs. Customers can remove or replace the boards one at a time, at any time, it’s that simple. This unique advantage facilitates constant access to the subdeck and is ideal to ensure constant access to the waterproof membrane or floors on rooftop decks.

Each design is 100% innovative and works with natural wood, Ipé, composite, ceramics, pavers, bamboo, or aluminum boards. It is light to transport and maneuver on site for ease of installation, while also being 100% recyclable. The exclusive concept has resulted in Grad® being of the highest quality – the system does not release any chemicals, is not subject to rot, mold, or corrosion, and the joist design prevents the deck from getting damp by keeping a constant ¼ inch gap between the deck board itself and the joist, thus resulting in increased ventilation for a longer lifetime.


“We’re extremely proud to be of such a big family and we’re humbled by the welcome and interest from the NADRA community.” – -Gwladys Petit, Grad® Concept North America Sales Manager

By joining NADRA, Grad® Concept hopes to demonstrate their strong desire to understand the needs of builders’ across North America, not only to build strong working relationships within the sector but also to ensure they offer safe and reliable solutions to the industry to answer daily challenges. They are incredibly honored by the support NADRA has wholeheartedly shown in their innovative systems.

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