NADRA Code Update, April 7, 2022, Chairman, Mark Guthrie

The NADRA Code Committee, represented by our consultant Glenn Mathewson and co-chair Mark Guthrie, were able to garner ICC Code Committee support on 15 of our 17 proposed code changes at the 2022 Committee Action Hearings held in Rochester, NY last week.

Some of these code proposals were editorial, intended to give clearer more transparent direction to the builder and inspector. However, many were more substantial and impactful on the lives of our members, aimed at easing construction, expanding material options, and creating a safer built environment.  Here is a brief outline of the proposals we presented this code cycle:

Just as important, we were there to support code proposals by others having similar goals and to defend against codes that we felt ran counter to these efforts.  Here are some of the most relevant ones that we spoke on at the hearings:

Overall, this was a great result to a tremendous body of work put forth by our consultant.  Many thanks to our committee as well, most notably the co-chair John Kozal and new member Kevin Flatt for pitching in to give some guidance.

Remember that this is the first of three bites of the apple, with two more rounds of voting to come.  As public comments come forward during the next round on those that we “won” we will need to prepare responses accordingly to defend our position.  Where we “lost” we will need to present our own constructive arguments to overturn.  This will take more effort and a commitment from our members that feel, as our committee does, that the “juice is worth the squeeze”.

You can find out more about the Public Hearing schedule HERE

*Public Comment Deadline is June 20th, 2022. 

* The next hearing is September 14th – 21st, 2022 at the Kentucky International Convention Center in Louisville, KY. 

Please feel free to contribute your thoughts, your time, and your resources as you see fit.  You may contact NADRA’s code committee by sending an email to Please put “Attention Code Committee” in the subject line.

We appreciate your support.