June 29, 2011 | How much do you know about your clients? Their hobbies? The organizations they belong to? Their favorite sports or vacation spots?

Over the years I’ve observed that business owners learn very little about their clients/customers. Oh sure, they know a bit about what they do, their names and addresses, how to reach them by phone or email, maybe even their websites.

That information is simply the tip of the iceberg, however. Each of your clients is a potential advocate (someone who’s referred you more than once and/or says terrific things about you at the drop of a hat). Each of your clients can save you significant marketing dollars, by leading business your way. And I’m not just talking about referrals.

I’m talking about exposure.

Who can you meet through your clients, because you’ve learned the circles they move in?

Can you be their guest at a professional society (organizations for those in private practice) or trade meeting? Or a vendor at a fundraiser where they’re actively involved? How about a few rounds of golf at their country club? Tennis, anyone? Sporting events?

Business owners covet generating business from doctors, for example, because of their affluence. Knowing this, doctors have become less and less accessible. If your client trusts you, however, and introduces you to medical colleagues, who knows what might happen?

It’s not always what you know, but whom you know; and it’s quite likely that you know many important people. What are you doing about it?

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