By: Kevin Jackson

Vice President, Process Innovation & Technology at WOLF

The more I experience life, the more I realize how far we have strayed from excellence as a society.  The status quo is widely accepted and mediocracy has sadly become the norm for a lot of individuals.  The question of the day is, why?

Where is the work ethic of those that came before us?  Has technology made us lazy?  Are we too reliant on constant contact and information?  Why don’t we focus enough time on building strong personal relationships?  Why don’t we smile?  Has social media forced us to live for “Likes” and “Retweets”?  Why don’t we speak to each other, encourage one another and respect one another?  Why don’t we volunteer, give with a cheerful heart and check our egos at the door?

I really don’t know why excellence has seemed to slip away, but I do know this.  As for me, my family and my team, we will be excellent!  Excellence exists when leaders embody servant leadership and a commitment to positivity every single day.  I will always challenge myself and those around me to be better than we were yesterday.

If we are not doing our best, we become like the rest!  Friends, stand with me in excellence!  It’s a daily choice, not a lost art!