Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.

Encouragement provided by NADRA Member, Brendan Casey – Casey Fence & Deck,  LLC – Maryland

You have 10 more days to enter your best work in NADRA’s 2021 National+ Deck Competition!

Enter by December 16th, 2021 at 11:59pm EST.

If competition is the heat that forges excellence then NADRA’s National+ Deck Competition is the blast furnace that hones the edge on some of the greatest techniques, imaginative design concepts, and elite deck builders from all over the world.

NADRA has a membership base that not only covers North America but also, Great Britain, Australia, and New Zealand (I’m sure I left out some others), where manufacturers, designers, showrooms and builders from all these points on the globe are vying for the top 3 spots in numerous categories. (23 to be exact)
In all honesty, how many of you have said to yourselves, friends, or clients that you are the top, numero uno, #1 custom deck builder in your town, area, state, or whatever? Proclaimed on your marketing to be the BEST. Now is the time to step up to the plate, put your best foot forward and compete. Who cares if you have tried in the past and didn’t win or were hesitant to submit, you just never know when you might catch lightning in a bottle.  Many guys, myself included had submitted numerous entries before ever getting the nod, you just never know when it will happen. Entering means you care to compete and see how you stack up. It means that you have a desire to make your company better. It means that you are not just building boxes with boards on top, but creating your clients once in a lifetime “jewelry box” of a project. That you are NOT just some “Bob in his beater” out there undercutting everyone and building barely legal platforms, but that you care to be the best YOU can be every day. That’s a NADRA Awards contestant and if you are a member of NADRA then I believe that is YOU.
Keep this in mind, NADRA is not holding a social media followers contest (except the people’s choice award, which is launched after judging is complete), these are legit industry professionals from across the “BOARD” (pun intended) that are judging from a perspective that is not based on popularity but on the quality of the design, use of space, use of materials and above all the “eye candy” appeal of the finished product.  Every one of you builds something like this at least once every couple of years, get it submitted!  It could be that super awesome custom feature you created, a unique design or inlay, the lighting package the neighborhood can’t stop talking about, or the blending of the materials and design into a client’s unique need or lifestyle: like Andy Henley’s Guitar Deck or Lily pads created by Holloway.
Bottom line, I would love to see the banquet room bulging at the seams with the high-caliber talent that I know exists out there.
See you in Florida, I wish everyone the best of LUCK.