June 20, 2011 | As a deck builder or supplier, you probably receive a fair amount of calls asking for the name of a good roofer, plumber or someone else in some aspect of construction.

You may take these calls in one of two ways:

  1. as pains in the neck or
  2. as opportunities for referrals

It depends upon whether your glass is half empty or half full.

First of all, these calls are compliments. You’re being recognized as a go-to person, whose advice is trustworthy. You can’t earn a better reputation than that. Next, once you refer an expert in the requested field, you have a chance to close the loop.

Close the loop? Sure. Let’s say you recommend roofer Charles Smith. Do you simply give his name and number; or do you do that with one more step, which is calling Charles Smith to say you just referred him? “Hey, Charlie, just got a call from a Ms. Jones, who wanted the name of a good roofer; and I gave her your name. If you don’t hear from her in a week, let me know; and I’ll give you her phone number.”

All you did was refer someone you believe in. By letting him (or her) know, however, or closing the loop, you communicated to Charlie that you’re actively referring him.

Which means, at the first opportunity, he’ll probably return the favor. Easy, huh? What did it cost you in money and time? Nothing and perhaps two minutes, right? But you just engaged in some of the best marketing there is, by putting out a marker that will be repaid. Perhaps over and over again.

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