July 12, 2011 | All too often I hear people say they don’t have the money to market. That’s because there’s an overwhelming marketplace perception that marketing and media advertising are the same thing.

Not so. Advertising can be a part of your Marketing Plan, but marketing isn’t just advertising.

In marketing it’s not what you spend, it’s how you spend it. Unfortunately, most people don’t spend their marketing budgets of money, people and time wisely.

For example, here in Fort Collins, CO (pop. approx. 135,000), an average breakfast for two costs $25.00; an average lunch, $35.00. Do two of each per month, and you’ll spend $120.00, for which you probably can’t purchase an ad (and who wants to buy just one ad, anyway?).

In busy season, you might wish to limit yourself to early breakfasts before the workday begins. That will drive the cost lower. So will coffees instead of meals. It’s all about establishing the priority for one-on-one face-to-face encounters.

How many of you show up periodically on your jobs? How many of you walk your jobs upon completion? Your personally showing up has more marketing clout than you’ll ever realize. “Honey, the owner’s here to see how the deck’s shaping up!”

Or do you trust your Project Manager to tell you everything’s fine and dandy? Now don’t get me wrong. Your Project Manager might be the best employee you ever had, but he’s not the owner.

There’s nothing quite so effective as face-to-face marketing, and this strategy is so easy to achieve. Little time and cost, big return.

So… stop agonizing about the money you don’t have to market and think instead of how you can make great impressions in small personal ways. You’ll create lots of buzz that way.

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