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1 05, 2011

Ask NADRA: Deck Ventilation Requirements

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April 30, 2011 | Ken from Orangeburg, SC asks: "I am wondering is there a minimum height requirement for a deck to allow for adequate ventilation under the deck. Is this measured to the top or bottom of the decking timber?" Glenn Mathewson, NADRA's Technical Advisor, responds: Hello Mr. Panitt. Thank [...]

22 03, 2011

Ask NADRA: Deck Stair Lighting Codes

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March 21, 2011 | Lainie Sleppin of Mid-State Lumber asks: “I am getting a number of calls regarding the code on deck stair lighting, no pun but can you shed any light on this code so I can advise correctly. We are talking about guys in the NJ market. Thanks for [...]

1 12, 2010

Associations and the Code

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Article posted courtesy of November 30, 2010 | When I was a carpenter and a builder, I never joined an industry association. I didn’t see what was in it for me. That was taking the short view. I didn’t realize that associations lobby on industry-wide issues such as codes. In [...]

1 12, 2010

NADRA Codes & Standards Committee Update

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Excerpt taken from the weekly NADRA Industry Brief December 1, 2010 | The week of October 24th, I attended the International Code Council (ICC) Conference on NADRA’s behalf. Special thanks to board member Mick Feduniec (Deckscapes, Inc.) and his family for putting me up (and putting up with me) at their [...]

16 07, 2010

Letter from NADRA Codes and Standards Committee

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July 16, 2010 | Dear Members and Industry: Having now had some time to regroup after the IRC and IBC code hearings held in Dallas, Texas in May, I am going to share with you some thoughts on code development that affect each of us, whether we are builders, suppliers, or [...]

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