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27 04, 2011

Ask NADRA: Preserved Wood For Wet Climate

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April 26, 2011 | A concerned homeowner in British Columbia asks: I have a 3-foot crawlspace which has a damp concrete floor whenever we get heavy rain. Consequently, the exterior pony walls carrying the fiberglass insulation are beginning to decay. Can I replace the pony walls with preserved wood and not [...]

12 04, 2011

Osmose & Arch Treatment Tech. Anounce Agreement

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Griffin, GA – April 12, 2011 | Osmose, Inc. and Arch Treatment Technologies, Inc., a subsidiary of Arch Chemicals, Inc., both leading suppliers of wood preservative technologies, announced that they have entered into an agreement whereby Arch Treatment Technologies, Inc. and its affiliates have been granted a worldwide license to practice [...]

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