For Immediate Release:

New Castle Steel, Inc. is pleased to announce that they have formed a strategic sales partnership with SLA Manufacturers Representatives, a midwestern-based sales company with decades of experience working in millwork and building material distribution. This partnership will give New Castle Steel representation in the North Dakota, South Dakota, Wyoming, Montana, Iowa, Nebraska, Wisconsin, Minnesota, and Northern Illinois markets.

“This partnership with SLA allows New Castle Steel to expand into new markets and bring our steel framing products to places that could benefit from their durability and eco-friendly qualities. SLA sales representatives are trained experts across many high-quality product lines and share the same customer-centric approach to doing business as we do. Their list of long-term manufacturer partnerships is long, and we’re happy to add New Castle Steel to it,” says Jason Alloway, Founder and President of New Castle Steel, Inc.

SLA partner Pari Sexauer states, “Our top tier product lines are all recognized as among the highest quality products in their marketplaces, including Frontline Building Products, AFCO Columns and Railings, Woodland Supply Moldings, and others. Adding New Castle Steel to our mix strengthens our position as a “go-to” partner for Outdoor living products. We hope to leverage our strong relationships with distribution partners in the Upper Midwest to break new ground for New Castle Steel and expand their product availability to markets looking for their quality framing solutions.”

SLA also noted that through the New Castle Steel partnership, they are looking forward to selling a recognized industry-leading product with years of success in the marketplace, helping contractors eliminate problems in their deck builds for a better overall end result and product, leading to more satisfied customers, and increasing awareness and demand for American-made products.

Customers can now contact SLA for New Castle Steel framing quotes and product information at 608-406-6654 or email Please contact New Castle Steel at 1-888-960-0808 or visit and fill out the Contact Us form with any questions about the partnership or to discuss design considerations when planning your project.

About New Castle Steel

New Castle Steel™ is a leading manufacturer of light gauge steel framing for the outdoor living industry with a reputation for expertise and building strong relationships with clients and supply partners across the construction industry. With over twenty years of experience, New Castle Steel offers a level of safety and durability unmatched by any other steel framing product on the market. Their manufacturing facility, distribution center, and corporate offices are located in Marietta, GA, with dealers available nationwide.

About SLA

Our customer-centric approach is at the heart of everything we do. We believe in putting our customers first and ensuring their satisfaction. Our core values and approach reflect this by delivering exceptional service and building long-term relationships with our clients. Our personal connections with customers are crucial because people are more likely to make a purchase when they feel a sense of trust and rapport with the person they are buying from.

SLA has decades of experience working with Millwork and Building Material distribution, adding value throughout the distribution chain. We actively contribute via pull-through sales, training, and effective feedback communication from contractors, dealers, and homeowners up-channel. Effective collaboration with our manufacturer partners is vital to ensure clear communication with the field on key messages and products. Teamwork between SLA and factory management is essential for success and building lasting manufacturer relationships.

Source: New Castle Steel