February 2017 Member Benefits Tips: 

NADRA Members Benefit by Earning NADRA Bucks

NADRA has used a grass-roots approach at expanding and growing the association since 2004. It not only saves the association money, but also saves our members money too. Do you know that for every new member

(branch excluded) you refer, you will receive $50.00 towards your membership?

Yes, you earn $50.00 for a new member referral! We call them NADRA bucks. You are eligible to earn up to your yearly dues in NADRA bucks. When you refer a new member, it means you are referring professionals that you have already built a relationship with. They are businesses you believe in.

If you are a deck builder you might suggest your local lumberyard, retailer or distributor to join. As a manufacturer you could be referring your pro builders and dealers to join NADRA. Referrals are not limited to manufacturers, builders or distributors / dealers. Industry Service Providers are a fantastic resource for our members, and we encourage you to refer business services that you value.

How many NADRA Bucks have you earned? It’s easy to earn a free membership with NADRA. This type of word of mouth referrals is the foundation that helps build NADRA.

Will you help us continue to grow?

All you need to do is simply have the new member fill in your name under “referred by” found in the application.

Support, refer, and save!



January 2017 Member Benefits Tips: 

Whether you are a new member or a renewing member, it is important to understand what your membership has to offer. Think of it like a gym membership. You don’t just join a gym and get fit (although that would be fantastic!) It feels good to join, and you’re heading in the right direction, but your journey has just begun. The more you put into it the more you will get out of it.
  • Step 1. You learn more about the gym & what is included with your membership.  You can check out the exercise machines, weights, and other equipment. They all come with your membership so you want to utilize them. NADRA too has basic benefits like a free profile page, photo gallery and the option to download the NADRA logo for marketing.Step 2. Learn what additional programs are offered. In a gym setting you can get more instructions with a TRX or boxing class, sometimes even take a class in nutrition. Similarly, you can get more involved with NADRA by joining and/or supporting programs such as Deck Safety Month®, Deck For a Soldier®, and Educational Certifications.
  • Step 3. Get involved with networking events. Staying healthy is strongly supported when you surround yourself with like-minded people. Same goes for surrounding yourself with professionals who can help take your business to the next level. Sign up for golf tournaments, trade shows, seminars and more. Per NADRA members, “…networking is one of the top reasons to be a member!”
  • Step 4. Stay connected! When you join a gym you can often sign up for newsletters or like them on Facebook. This allows you to stay in contact and learn about upcoming events. Likewise, NADRA has a weekly eNewsletter, Facebook page, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest. Follow us on one or all, but be sure to stay connected!
  • Step 5. Get your family and friends involved. Gyms often have incentives to bring your friends and family to the gym. NADRA too, has an incentive program called “NADRA Bucks”. For any new member, excluding branch memberships, we offer $50 towards your next renewal.