NADRA Education at DeckExpo

NADRA is offering their Master Deck Professional Courses for you to earn and maintain your designations while at the show.

Wednesday, October 22nd:
  • 8:00am – 12:00pm – Ledgers & Lateral Loads 
    • Author: Glenn Mathewson: This course discusses the basics of structural design criteria for decks, such as loading, design methods and lumber properties, providing the foundational knowledge necessary for comprehension of the remainder of the course and the content in the Structural Design II course. The course continues with an in-depth review of ledger attachments, including how to handle various exterior cladding, flashing methods, and structural considerations. Lateral load resistance is also dissected in detail to provide a better understanding of what is required and how to provide it. MORE
  • 8:00am –  10:00am – Porch Building Basics 101
    • Author: Bobby Parks: This course provides an introduction into porch building. It includes numerous basic, but key methods for designing and building open air and screened porch additions. Attendees will be introduced to designing for functional size and stability, as well as a few code considerations and architectural details to look out for.MORE
  • 10:15am – 12:15pm – Porch  Building Advanced 201
    • Author: Bobby Parks: This course covers advanced design, trim, and features for covered porches and structures. How to take porch building to a higher level. Design and build custom porches into outdoor rooms by providing high performing upgrades and trim features that separate them from other contractors. Door, screen types, and flooring upgrades and how they work together are discussed. MORE
  • 1:00pm – 5:00pm – A Trip Down the Load Path
    • Author: Glenn Mathewson: This course compliments the Structural Design I class by completing the discussion of designing a deck structure. It provides code requirements and guidance for designing the load path, from the decking where we stand to the earth below that supports it all. Decking, joists, beams, posts, foundations and even properties of the earth will be discussed so that a complete understanding of the entire structural system can be achieved. It is recommended for attendees to complete the Structural Design I class as a prerequisite. MORE
  • 1:00pm –  3:00pm  – Design and Sales
    • Author: Matt Breyer: How good are you at showing your clients EXACTLY what their finished project will look like? Do you have the tools to make this happen? Gone are the days of scribbling a simple idea on a legal pad and shaking hands over the deal. Homeowners today want to touch, feel, and visualize whatever it is you’re offering-before they commit to paying! Learn how to get “in their head”-understanding their needs, addressing their fears, and showing them a “Backyard Dream” better than they ever imagined, using the latest tools and technology to inspire clients and improve sales and referrals. MORE
  • 3:00pm –  4:00pm – FREE – NADRA CPAC Meeting
    • Please join us for our annual CPAC committee meeting. NADRA CPAC (Consumer Product Knowledge Charter) is the newest addition to NADRA’s list of programs designed to improve the deck and rail industry as a whole. Join us at Deck Expo for a workshop about CPAC to learn, understand and assist in this new program.MORE
Thursday, October 23rd
  • 3:00pm – 4:00pm – FREE – METAPHOR
    •  Manufacturer’s and Designers! This one is for you! Please join us in the NADRA office at the Baltimore Convention Center for an educational segment from METAPHOR. Manufacturers and Designers… pay attention. Ever wonder why a particular deck color was created?  Learn from the folks that can see into the future for upcoming designs, trends and style. Register for this FREE seminar right HERE
Friday, October 24th: 
  • 10:00am –  FREE – AGS Stainless
    • Making The Stainless Steel Up-sell
      Please join us in the NADRA office for an educational segment from AGS Stainless. Stainless Steel is a creative and expensive up-sell that pays off! During this seminar, find out options, pit-falls, & why it makes selling comfortable and seamless. Make money without losing your shirt! Register for this FREE seminar right HERE
  • 11:30am –  FREE – Deck Maintenance: RenewCrew
    • Your Missing Link – Deck Maintenance Program
      Text: Join us in the NADRA office for an educational segment from Renew Crew. How can you make more money with a Deck Maintenance Program? Learn what you are missing during this FREE seminar with NADRA. Register for this seminar right HERE