Recap of the NADRA Code meeting March 5, 2024 at Simpson Strong-Tie’s Manufacturing and Training Center northeast of Dallas. 

  1. NADRA’s Main Committee for Code made up of Mark Guthrie, Loren Ross, and John Kozal, laid out the 2 day agenda in March with all 4 Subcommittee chairs coming together in person to head up their respective segments as follows:
    • Gary Kauffman – Railing
    • Billy Viars – Decking
    • Koby Vicksman – Liaison with Trade Organizations
    • Brian Breukelman – Canadian Code
  1. It’s always best to meet in person and so NADRA would like to give a special thanks to the people who travelled to Dallas to meet with their chairs.  Erik Farrington, Mike Sawka, Jack Butler, Aaron Allgyer, Michael Beaudry, and Margie Beaudry.
  2. In today’s world, the use of connecting with other people through Microsoft Teams is always welcomed.  With that being said Gary Ehrlich, Jeff Miller, Ed Lisinski, Tom Zuzik, Stuart Dimery, Leigh Graham, Martin Crepeau, and Chad Chislett came online to also be a part of this important meeting.
  3. Each Subcommittee Chair was given about two hours to discuss what is happening in their segment plus review the outside proposals submitted for 2027 ICC Code Cycle known as Group A.  Loren Ross took the time to sort through all of the proposals in order to help all of the Subcommittees know what to focus on.  This is not an easy task and NADRA appreciates the Loren’s effort to find 24 proposals that could affect the decking and railing industry in a positive or negative way.  During the review of the Group A proposals, all of the volunteers read and directed which proposals should be assigned to a specific Subcommittee in order to spread out the work load.   (NOTE:  NADRA did not submit any Group A proposals.)
  4. It was agreed upon that each Subcommittee was going to review and respond back to the Main Committee whether a Group A proposal should be supported, opposed, or stay neutral from NADRA.  Those tallies are due the week of March 18th back to the Main Committee so they can make the final decision.  Loren Ross, Mark Guthrie, and John Kozal make up that committee.
  5. Loren Ross, PE has been accepted by NADRA to be NADRA’s spokesperson at ICC’s Committee Action Hearing #1 in Orlando, Florida from April 7-16th.  He will step to the microphone and let the ICC Panel know if NADRA supports, opposes, or is neutral on the Group A proposals.
  6. Brian Breukelman, PE from Canada wrote out a very detailed “Flow Chart” showing how the Canadian Codes and the various groups work and how they handle updating their codes.  This is important for NADRA to keep track of also because there are a number of NADRA members who live and work in Canada.  There is definitely a need to assist Canada with their Code process with a Subcommittee made up of Canadian advocates.
  7. This group of volunteers is not all work and no play!  Michael Beaudry (EVP of NADRA) bought everyone a very nice dinner Tuesday night while Billy Viars of Simpson Strong-Tie gave a tour of the manufacturing and testing facility.  Very impressive!

NADRA is truly appreciative and blessed to have such a successful group of volunteers band together to make this meeting a highly successful event.


John Kozal, PE

NADRA Code Committee Chair