January 21st, 2014
Joseph Ward Simmons, aka Rev. Run from the rap group, Run DMC, makes it a family affair as he and his whole family work together to completely renovate their 9,000-square-foot New Jersey home. Rev’s back deck has seen better days. Completely untouched since the house was built, it’s fallen into disrepair. Rev and Justine turn the demo into a family affair in hopes of saving money and speeding the process along, but structural surprises and permit delays put their patience to the test.
NADRA’s very own Gustavo de la Cruz from Barrett Outdoors were contacted by the production company to take part in an outdoor project. They were looking for a company that had the experience to build an extraordinary project plus with the man power to get in and get it done. “Truth be told we were very delayed by the pool company first, and then the lack of proper permits. Lesson learned is not to let the film company and the architect handle the permitting. We had a blast with the cameras and film crews..we even helped stage some of the shots.” says de la Cruz.  NADRA ambassador and member, Lainie Sleppin was also there to take party in the duration of the build.


de la Cruz also says “Justine Simmons is a wonderful lady and deserves everything she has, it was a pleasure working with her!

“Many thanks to Trex Company – they had a major role in getting the project.  Also thank you to Trex rep, Tim Schlosser who was also involved with the show.”



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