Color, Design and Market Trends for Residential Outdoor Products 2014

The first of its kind report to evaluate the color and design characteristics of building products and décor and how they create the new outdoor room

Outdoor building products and décor are proving to be an extremely successful and growing market. Homeowners are turning their decks, patios and porches into outdoor rooms and their backyards into casual-living retreats. This is driving the demand for thoughtfully designed products and materials.

Today’s consumers are using the same criteria for selecting outdoor products as they are for designing the interiors of their homes. Consequently, the growth in outdoor lifestyles is being driven by a desire to extend seasonal usage, improve function, and provide transitional designs and new products that blur the boundaries between indoors and out.

Marketing, selling, and delivering the needs of style, comfort and performance, require lifestyle retailing. As styles for exterior building products, outdoor furniture, and similar products influence each other retailers are now showcasing product assortments targeted to create new outdoor living spaces. Likewise, traditional lumberyards are starting to offer furniture, appliances, and related amenities in unprecedented hybrid showrooms. This new direction will continue to challenge manufacturers, distributors, dealers, retailers and builders alike in deciding just the right blend of products and amenities to offer the market.

This report combines design and market trend analysis capturing influences and tendencies around new and innovative residential outdoor products. The result is insight and understanding of market opportunities and how suppliers, manufacturers, distributors, retailers as well as architects, landscape designers and builders might best position for business success within this market spaces.

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The study will serve as an essential reference for all companies currently involved in this business in North America, participate and profit in North America’s growing residential outdoor living space market.

This report will help subscribers to understand how color and design trends will impact the demand for residential outdoor living products in the United States.

It will summarize the most influential trends, product gaps
and action items, and how to best position products for the upcoming season; as well as provide new product development guidance for future seasons


Color, Design and Market Trends for Residential Outdoor Products


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