Connects Directly to Concrete or Deck

Wilmington, OH – April 15, 2010 | TimberTech®, a leading manufacturer of composite decking, railing and fencing products, has introduced its latest advancement, Secure-Mount Post. This post and block mounting system eliminates the need for 4×4 posts and is designed to provide a corrosive-resistant post installation for railing on decks or directly onto concrete.

Designed to work on wood, composite, vinyl or concrete surfaces, the secure-mount post uses a flange mount application with either 36” or 42” rail heights. The 36” system fastens directly to the deck or concrete surface by using a flange mount in both 6’ and 8’ rail sections. The 42” system also employs the flange mount in 6’ sections, but 8’ sections require through bolt installation.

TimberTech Secure-Mount Post works with either the 36” or 42” rail sections due to its innovative 6” adjustable top block. The top block can be adjusted by 6” and is then securely fastened with the railing post cover remaining in place, creating a seamless post system.

Independent testing has proved the system can bear 2-1/2 times required design load, more than 500 pounds, and meets ICC-ESTM AC 174 structural performance of national building codes. To withstand some of the harshest elements, the Secure-Mount Post has “Shore Coat” for added corrosion prevention.

The Secure-Mount Post is ideal for marina/dock settings, concrete porches and second story decks.

About TimberTech
TimberTech is a leading manufacturer of composite decking, railing, fencing and lighting products for residential and commercial applications. The company offers a wide range of durable, low-maintenance outdoor solutions in an unmatched selection of colors and styles. A leader in quality, innovation and brand, TimberTech products are available through a nationwide network of contractors, lumberyards and building products dealers. TimberTech is a Crane Building Products business. For more information, visit