Last week we asked NADRA members to forward the industry brief to their contacts. This is a very small, but effective way to spread the word about NADRA, industry news and upcoming events. A special thank you to the WOLF Organization for passing on NADRA news to your contacts! WOLF continues to stand behind NADRA’s Power of One initiative in more ways than one. Here is a brief summary of what NADRA’s Power of One campaign means to WOLF and how it lays the foundation for fellow members to build upon. 

WOLF provides contractors with a training manual where they now dedicate two full pages to NADRA’s message urging all industry professionals to get involved with their industry association. In addition to distributing NADRA’s message in their training manuals, most recently, WOLF invited NADRA’S EVP to join them in Virginia at a Certified WOLF Pro Event as a guest speaker.  Michael Beaudry made himself available for the day to participate. Mr. Beaudry spoke to the contractors in attendance about the latest developments at the code hearings, Deck Safety Month ®  and how to take advantage of the Check Your Deck ®  Inspection Program. 

If you are interested in the power of one campaign or would like to schedule a time for Michael Beaudry to speak at one of your events, call NADRA direct at: 215.649.4884 to learn how or send an email to  It’s time to make a difference, it’s time for the Power of One!