NADRA HQ – February 2010 | With new technologies, new procedures and new operational strategies, the deck and railing building industry is continually evolving. To that end, the North American Deck and Railing Association (NADRA) has launched the new NADRA Industry Update, an opt-in e-mail resource providing comprehensive weekly news briefings of the week’s top stories.

Each edition of the NADRA Industry Update contains articles gathered from an expansive list of sources such as The Associated Press, The New York Times, USA Today and other more industry-specific publications. Professionals from the field will also contribute timely news and information “just in time” for leaders to stay on the cutting edge of industry developments. Beginning this Wednesday, the NADRA Industry Update will be delivered to the inboxes of NADRA members and non-members alike, keeping deck and railing leaders abreast of topics that impact the daily operation of their businesses.

The NADRA Industry Update is a great way to keep informed. The electronic publication can be easily read in your office, home, or via your mobile phone or PDA.

“The launch of the new NADRA Industry Update further demonstrates our commitment to deliver the most pertinent news and information to the deck and railing building community,” said Michael Beaudry, NADRA’s executive vice president. “We look forward to providing our members and other industry leaders with a continuous briefing of the deck and railing environment so they remain informed of current events and practices that shape their businesses.”

The NADRA Industry Update is powered by MultiBriefs, a division of MultiView.

“We understand that as the deck and railing industry evolves, it’s becoming increasingly more important for NADRA to keep their members informed. The NADRA Industry Update has been designed with the needs of NADRA members in mind,” said Dan Maitland, president of MultiView. “We look forward to delivering the news and information that NADRA members have asked for.”

NADRA is made up of deck builders, manufacturers, dealers/distributors, wholesalers, retailers, and service providers to the deck and railing industry. By working together we can be one voice for the industry and deliver a clear message to the consumer and the code development bodies. NADRA serves as a trade association with emphasis on safe building practices, and deck safety.

The mission of the North American Deck and Railing Association (NADRA) is to provide a unified source for the professional development, promotion, growth, and sustenance of the Deck and Railing building industry in North America so that members can exceed the expectations of their consumer.

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