Would you like to start saying, “yes” to your clients instead of, “that product is out of stock,” or, “we can’t get that for another 12-15 weeks?” Deck and patio builders, we can get your clients the retractable awning and solar screen products they’re are asking for – without unacceptable delays in the supply chain.

SummerSpace, provides exceptional shade solutions that will transform your clients’ decks and porches into a shaded oasis. Located in central Maine, we manufacture the industry’s finest retractable awnings and shade systems so you can serve your customers faster than the other guys, with much less hassle.

Who is SummerSpace?

Family owned and operated, SummerSpace is committed to providing high-quality products for affordable prices. Our retractable awnings are American made, manufactured in our 400,000 square-foot factory by our talented craftsmen, where we can monitor and guarantee quality. We also pride ourselves on a legendary customer service team that provides the highest level of care for each customer.

Shade Solutions For Your Deck Projects

A deck … meh, that’s nice. A deck with a retractable awning – covered or uncovered anytime your customers desire? Now that’s nice! With SummerSpace, your customers can take their deck enjoyment to the next level. At the push of a button, homeowners can retract the awning or shade system to enjoy the sun or the shade. It’s a great way to add more value and features to your deck building projects.

Simple Shade Retractable Awnings

Created with intelligent design and high quality material, our Simple Shade retractable awnings are unmatched in the industry. These aren’t the low-cost awnings that require tons of maintenance down the road. Our shade products are designed and constructed to last. Customers can customize their awnings from our three awning series, over 100 beautiful fabric colors, and 5 stunning frame colors. 

FlexShade Screen Systems

Another way to provide additional shade and comfort to the decks and patios you build is with our FlexShade screen systems. These retractable screens fit in the deck openings and windows to block unwanted sunlight, provide privacy, and even insect protection (Zip and Zip XL models). FlexShade screens can be customized in size to the inch for the perfect fit on most any deck or patio. 

Tired of “Out of Stock” or “No Inventory”?

The last couple years have brought supply chain issues and depleted inventory for many suppliers. However, at SummerSpace we are fully stocked on all inventory. And, since we manufacture our products on sight, we have all the supplies and parts we need to stay fully in stock. Additionally, we offer the industry’s fastest shipping times, often shipping within eight days. With SummerSpace, you can provide your customers the deck shade they want now!

Partner with SummerSpace for Increased Profits and Happy Customers

As you create incredible deck solutions, shade it with SummerSpace. Join with SummerSpace in our mission to redefine outdoor living. When you partner with us, not only will your customers be pleased with their shaded deck options, you will benefit as well. Increase your margins with the simple addition of an awning or screen system to your overall deck project. Help your customers transform their deck into a shaded oasis with SummerSpace retractable awnings and solar screen systems.