Contractors working with treated wood, have a new online resource that will help you stay in compliance with state regulations. The online resource tools are attached and can be found at  

As a contractor, you play a crucial role as the nexus between treated wood generators and solid waste landfill accepting treated wood waste. These resources provide important information on reporting, recordkeeping, prohibited activities and more. Proper compliance is critical to minimizing illegal dumping, ensure easy access for haulers, and generators.

For more than three decades, the state has maintained alternative management standards that require TWW to be disposed in composite-lined sections of landfills. In early 2021, those standards expired after a bill that would have extended them was vetoed. As a result, TWW was considered as hazardous waste and only one landfill in the state was able to accept it.

California legislators last fall passed urgent legislation to reinstate the alternative management standards and allow TWW disposal in more than 50 landfills throughout the state. As part of the legislation, the wood treating industry agreed to assist in educating Californian contractors on how to properly manage, store, handle, and dispose TWW.

The new website includes sections for specific users such as contractors. Each user section outlines the requirements for that user. The direct link to see the contractor resources of the website is:; it provides information on how to identify TWW as well as handling, storage, labeling, transportation, notifications, recordkeeping, and reuse requirements. There are also links to the state Water Resources Control Board, which maintains a list of landfills and disposal facilities that are authorized to accept TWW.

Go to to explore the regulations and recommendations for proper disposal.