For Immediate Release:

February 6, 2024, Marietta, GA – New Castle Steel, Inc. is pleased to announce that they have formed a strategic dealer partnership with, a global leader in wood decking, lumber, prefinished flooring, and other luxury building materials. This partnership will make New Castle Steel deck framing products more readily available online and nationwide via Advantage Lumber’s website and four warehouses located throughout the United States. Advantage Lumber will ship New Castle Steel orders directly to customers’ homes or job sites, with many orders qualifying for free shipping. Advantage will ship the steel deck frames either by itself or along with surface decking, railing, and other luxury building products.

“We are really excited about the opportunity to partner with a national retailer like Advantage Lumber. Our company values and service expectations are closely aligned, and they are staffed with a team of knowledgeable experts ready to assist with New Castle Steel framing questions and orders. The addition of online ordering capabilities will allow us to reach and serve more customers nationwide and grow awareness for steel framing as a superior alternative to wood frames.” says Jason Alloway, Founder and President of New Castle Steel, Inc. founder and CEO Rob Pelc stated, “We are excited to offer our customers across the US and Canada quick access to a competitive, affordable steel joist system for residential and commercial applications. We’ve seen the market demand for alternative deck joist systems rapidly expand as the traditional pressure-treated joist systems are not lasting like they used to. Since the pressure-treated industry voluntarily changed from arsenic-based compounds to copper-based compounds in 2004, longevity is not there. Old deck frames used to last 30 years, but now we see pressure-treated, rotting out in as little as five years. On top of the longevity issues with new pressure-treated frames, we’ve seen many complaints about the width variations and straightness of PT affecting the flatness of the surface decking. We’ve avoided offering our customers framing material for those reasons. We sell decking options lasting 25 to 50 years or more, so having a frame option with longevity is important to us. So we are excited to have an upscale option that keeps the surface decking perfectly flat.”

New Castle Steel™ is a leading manufacturer of light gauge steel framing for the outdoor living industry with a reputation for expertise and building strong relationships with clients and supply partners across the construction industry. With over twenty years of experience, New Castle Steel offers a level of safety and durability unmatched by any other steel framing product on the market. Their manufacturing facility, distribution center, and corporate offices are located in Marietta, GA, with dealers available nationwide.

Advantage Lumber is a global leader in manufacturing and distributing hardwood decking, composites, and other luxury building materials. Advantage was founded in 1992 and was among the first companies to sell building materials online. With over 680,000 square feet of manufacturing and distribution space, the company supplies end users, contractors, retailers, and other distributors worldwide with affordable luxury building materials. The partnership with New Castle Steel will allow Advantage Lumber to explore steel deck framing solutions for their customers, offering them a viable alternative to wood framing options. will begin onboarding the new product line with shipments available in early Q2 2024. Their customers can soon expect same-day or next-day shipping as they currently do. Customers can contact Advantage for quotes and product info or discuss design considerations when planning their next project. Please get in touch with New Castle Steel at 1-888-960-0808 or Advantage Lumber at 1-877-232-3915 with any questions about the collaboration or products.

Source: New Castle Steel