August 21, 2012 | Hi Everyone,

Following is a recap of last week’s NADRA NJ Chapter meeting that was held at the Chimney Rock Inn.  We had a good turn out and Marty did a great job leading the meeting as our new Chapter president.  We welcomed a few new members to our chapter, Brianne Franchi & Adam Copel from Xpanse and also Mike Segal from Premier Home Improvements

Wolf Distributing was our sponsor for the evening.  Jeff Sherwood spoke about the new products that Wolf has introduced and passed around samples.  He explained how all hidden fastener systems work with their products.  Jeff passed out some literature about the materials of which their products are constructed and also a rebate form, which we have attached to this email.  A special thanks to Wolf for supporting our local NJ chapter of NADRA.

Marty told us all a little about himself.   He passed out questionnaires for everyone to fill out.   We had a 50/50 raffle and gave away a few door prizes.  We discussed Deck for a Soldier and the lack of an applicant so far.  We will be trying to distribute the flyers again.  We discussed the different committees that we wanted to form and explained the duties of each.  Volunteers helped to fill the positions needed for these committees and they are as follows:

Lainie Sleppin – Leader
Brianne Franchi – Asst.
Judy Verblaauw – Asst.

Deck For A Soldier
Gus Delacruz – Leader
Bruce Verblaauw – Asst.
Marty Coffey – Asst.
Jen Sheridan – Asst.

Deck Awards
Jen Sheridan – Leader
Judy Verblaauw – Asst.
Gus Delacruz – Asst.
Robert Lascalle – Asst.
Bari Siano – Asst.

Chad Mickley – Leader
Dan Miles – Asst.
Bill Lecorchik – Asst.
Jeff Bader – Asst.
Gus Delacruz – Asst.

We also asked Gary Daley to help us with press releases as long as we all help with supplying him with the necessary information.  Gary Daley gave us an update from the National level and discussed that all four of NADRA’s Master Deck Professional Education / Certification courses will be offered at DeckExpo, October 8th and 9th.  Judy told everyone that the Deck Competition was opening on Wednesday, 8/15/12, and that we should all register for the Awards Dinner ASAP as the price of the dinner will go up as of Sept. 13.  We should all make an effort to stay at the Hilton Baltimore, official hotel of NADRA. Registration for NADRA special pricing at the Hilton can be found through the dinner event portal on

We are hoping to have our next meeting Thurs. Sept. 27 and we are trying to plan our Deck Awards for December 6th.

Following is a word from our President, Marty Coffey:

“It was nice to know a little more about everyone.  It was great to see so many of you volunteer for the committees.  I will look forward to the committee updates at each meeting. Thanks to Wolf for stepping up and sponsoring the meeting and showing us all they have to offer.  Who will be our next meeting sponsor?  Please contact Judy or me if you are interested. We will have more and different door prizes at each meeting.  We are compiling your questionnaire responses….we will share the results at our next meeting.  Martin Coffey, NJ Chapter President “

Thank you,

Judy Verblaauw
NADRA NJ Secretary