August 1, 2011 | Hello everyone!

I hope you are all beating the heat and having a wonderful summer!

I know a bunch of us had an overwhelming response to helping out a soldier whom lost both legs to a roadside bomb in Afghanistan when we first heard about it at a previous NADRA meeting. Yes, I do know this is our busy time of the year and believe me, I could use an extra few hours, let alone a few days. However, I plan to help out no matter what. This soldier sacrificed his life for OUR freedom. One or two days out of my life fails to compare to what Lt. Colin Pascik (23 years old) gave up to keep America safe.

This time, the build will not be as labor intensive. Homes for our Troops has already poured the footings and framed the 11′ x 32′ deck (not to mention getting all of the inspections, etc). We just need to do the ramp, decking, and railings. Also, this time the ramp is much easier as it is a 30′ straight ramp. We are working on getting the rest of the the material donated. I believe Azek was already at this job site for the decking. We certainly have a lot of railing companies involved with NADRA also (I know Phoenix would love to donate railings and volunteers to install too), so railings will not be a problem. We just need some volunteers!!! Everything is ready to go. The home is in Monroe Township and the official ribbon cutting is in September, so we need to get this completed at the latest by mid August. I would like to schedule our part of the build to start Aug 8th if we can get all of our materials in time.

Here is a tentative list of what we need:
   • Volunteers!
   • Roughly 450 sq ft of decking
   • Fasteners for decking
   • Roughly 110 lf of railing
   • 80 lf of 1-1/2″ round handrail with hardware
   • Possibly some more footings
   • Concrete
   • Possibly some 4×4’s and other pt wood

Please respond to me and let me know if you are still interested in volunteering or donating. This WILL happen but I would love it if the NADRA NJ Chapter can get it done! Remember, this is the first year our chapter has not done a Deck for a Soldier!!!!

It has been one of the most fulfilling and inspirational programs that I have personally ever been involved with. I know those that have already been involved feel the same way. We hope to have some new volunteers this year. This really should be a very quick build. So we are only talking a few days for the build. Will you help? Please spread the word on this. Forward this e-mail to as many people as you can. I have a new hosting service and have not had the chance to update my e-mails to include all of my old NADRA contacts.


Jennifer Sheridan
Eatontown, NJ 07724
Cell: 732-567-5555
Ph: 732-380-1666