From the President:

On Thursday night March 26th the NADRA NJ group had a great meeting!

The chapter was very pleased to see about 25 people in attendance, 7 of which were all new attendees. I took a moment to remind all the value that NADRA brings, especially as it relates to code. Following the introductions and reading of the Anti-trust, Judy, the chapter secretary read January meeting minutes and Gus updated the chapter on a treasurer’s report.

Bob Ottersen from Fiberon was the sponsor for the evening. I pointed out that Fiberon does a nice job of displaying the NADRA logo on their main literature. I reminded all attendees that they should be utilizing the NADRA logo on their paperwork, on business cards, etc.  It is a nice way to always differentiate yourself whether you’re a supplier in the channel or a builder in the field.  Bob did a nice overview of Fiberon and the company and Matt (also from Fiberon) the local representative, went over the new rail profiles, contractor program benefits and the availability of contractor kits.

Following the Fiberon presentation, Michael Beaudry took the floor and discussed the benefits of constant contact and the new member Deck Safety Toolkit that will be ready before Deck Safety Month®. He summarized all of the benefits and marketing tools that are available to members, and encouraged the group to utilize these opportunities that NADRA offers.

Our committee updates went well but were brief due to missing some committee chairpersons.  We discussed the upcoming deck awards and I asked by a show of hands who would be participating. We had a good number of hands go up so I reminded everyone without support this event cannot happen. All attendees were in favor to move forward and agreed they would support the event.   April 8th the competition will open for submissions.

I also explained we might do a contractor interview table program in conjunction with the deck awards. This would give the manufacturers’ time to interview all builder attendees with specific questions. The tables would have an allotted amount of time then the builders would move on to the next table. Everyone seemed good with that idea. Again I emphasized we need 100% support to make this event happen.

I also updated everyone on new member committee by explaining that Judy & I had done a beefsteak with Excelsior lumber where we promoted NADRA to over 70 attendees. In addition, I had the opportunity to speak at The Morris County building inspectors lunch meeting last month where I promoted NADRA to over 20 building inspectors.

Thank you Fiberon for sponsoring our meeting! See you all soon!


Lainie Sleppin

NADRA NJ President