NADRA Code Update, Sept 21, 2022, Chairman, Mark Guthrie

The NADRA Code Committee, represented by consultant Glenn Mathewson and co-chair John Kozal, returned to the ICC Code Hearings this past week in Louisville KY.  This is the final leg of the code development cycle, where proposals that were either approved or disapproved by the smaller Code Development Committee in April can be brought back for reconsideration.  Public comments that are submitted by proponents or opponents prior to this meeting online, form the basis of these discussions.

As you’ll recall, NADRA was successful in having 15 of our 17 proposed code changes approved at the last hearings.  There were also proposals by others that we felt needed our attention – either speaking for or against.  At last week’s hearings we were focused primarily on 8 code changes that we felt would be impactful to our members.  Here is an outline of these items and supporting details: See graphic below

Some were contested by well-respected allies who had strong differing opinions while others just needed a persuasive nudge over the goal line.  Either way, our voice was heard regardless of the voting that took place in the room.  What is important to note is that their remains is an Online Government (OG) Vote over the next few weeks.  Only then will we know where the final chips land.

A special thanks to our code committee that is growing in both number and involvement at NADRA.  We have no doubt that our involvement in every level of code, whether it be development, education or enforcement, is an opportunity for a better and safer end product for our customers.

We will post the final votes on the website when they are updated.

If you wish to comment or contribute to our mission, feel free to contact us at 215.679.4884 or

Mark Guthrie, Co-Chair NADRA Code Committee

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