Eva-Last, a leader in innovative bamboo composite products, is excited to announce its renewed partnership with PowerHouse Building Solutions in British Columbia, Canada. This partnership is one of many key strategic alliances to successfully transition from Fortress Deck Products to Eva-Last Americas following the acquisition in August 2023.

The onboarding of PowerHouse Building Solutions as a key distribution partner in British Columbia reflects confidence in Eva-Last’s business capabilities and products.

“Ensuring continuity in our distribution network in key regions such as British Columbia is imperative for our success across the Americas. Securing a direct relationship with PowerHouse Building Solutions in our network allows for enhanced accessibility and convenience for our customers in the Canadian market,” says Marc Minne, CEO of Eva-Last.

Eva-Last has consistently been at the forefront of innovation, producing high-quality bamboo composite products such as decking and cladding that are globally renowned for their durability, environmental sustainability, low maintenance and aesthetic appeal.

“Together with PowerHouse Building Solutions’ extensive expertise and customer-centric approach, Eva-Last assures not only strengthened distribution capabilities but also exceptional service and support to our customers in British Columbia,” continues Minne.

PowerHouse Building Solutions pride itself on delivering premium building products that enhance the overall performance of a structure. With an extensively diverse offering, PowerHouse Building Solutions ensures the availability of innovative solutions like Eva-Last composite building products.

“Eva-Last has an unbelievable product line—certainly the best looking, most realistic composite products, and have done well to develop and strengthen their service offering since officially entering the market. We’re looking forward to a successful collaboration and growing this business exponentially with our customers throughout British Columbia,” says Ross Power, CEO of PowerHouse Building Solutions.

Continuing to make significant strides in developing its distribution network through partnerships such as this, Eva-Last ensures intensified growth, reinforcing its position as a noteworthy player in the sustainable building industry, offering readily available innovative composite building solutions backed by trusted service and support through its notable distribution partners.

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