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Window of Opportunity: Deceuninck North America Launches Commercial Support Program for Fabricators

Deceuninck North America is thinking outside of the house with a new support program designed to connect fabricators with the commercial design, specification, construction and renovation markets. “Deceuninck Commercial” is an integrated fabricator member program comprised of technical, engineering, marketing and sales support that helps fabricators take advantage of commercial opportunities.

“For decades, Deceuninck North America has developed residential platforms that lead the industry in terms of innovation, design and sustainability,” said Filip Geeraert, president and CEO of Deceuninck North America. “Now, the push for thermal performance and sustainability in commercial fenestration has created a new and growing opportunity for leading-edge PVC window products developed for the commercial marketplace.”

Deceuninck’s line of products includes solutions that can be customized to uniquely enhance any commercial building project—with minimal maintenance. The company’s architectural PVC delivers energy-efficient windows and doors at a low cost while exceeding material standards for strength and color retention established by the American Architectural Manufacturers’ Association (AAMA). Deceuninck’s comprehensive ICON™ Windows & Doors series and the innovative Revolution Tilt & Turn® line offer “good, better and best” options that make it easy to select the right product based on performance ratings.

“Architects, developers and engineers are designing the most energy- and cost-efficient buildings we’ve seen yet,” Geeraert said. “As they look toward innovating and improving the way our structures operate, so does Deceuninck North America.”

Deceuninck Commercial offers three levels of support, providing the right solution for virtually every fabricator:

  • Commercial PRO

The PRO program is open to all registered Deceuninck fabricators, providing access to important information on Deceuninck designs, commercial product options, a dedicated website, and tools and tactics to help plan and manage operational details.

  • Commercial ALLIANCE

The first requirement of ALLIANCE membership is Deceuninck 5-Star Certification. This performance-based training, design, fabrication and sales certification system assures the industry that ALLIANCE members are uniquely qualified to market, quote, manufacture and manage commercial fenestration projects at an exceptionally high level of competence and customer satisfaction. This exclusive membership level includes access to business-critical tools such as Dodge Data & Analytics lead generation and AIA CEU participation.

  • Commercial PLUS

When extra support, testing and engineering service is at a premium, Deceuninck fabricators can add the PLUS series of services, including engineering, technical and distribution support.

For more information about Deceuninck Commercial, fabricators may email or call 877-563-4251.

About Deceuninck

Deceuninck North America, LLC is part of the Deceuninck Group, an integrated global organization specializing in compounding, tool fabrication, design, development, extrusion, finishing of uPVC window systems and composite applications for the building industry. Deceuninck employs 3,400 people in 25 countries. Deceuninck has production facilities in Belgium, Chile, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Poland, Russia, Thailand, Turkey, UK and US. Deceuninck sales in 2014 were € 552.8 million (with a net positive result of € 10.5 million), approximately $608.08 million USD. In 2014, Deceuninck strengthened its top 3 market position through the acquisition of ‘Pimapen,’ the most recognized brand for PVC windows in Turkey adding approximately $75 million of annual sales. Deceuninck North America encompasses fully-integrated design, compounding, tooling, extrusion and quality assurance disciplines for the production of vinyl window and door systems and decking/railing applications for the building industry at its corporate headquarters in Monroe, Ohio.  For more information, please visit