Press Release – Cutek Extreme/ Product of Deck Source Inc.

Move over Survivor!  CUTEK Outlasts and Outperforms the Competition!

Deck Source Inc., the licensed supplier of the CUTEK®  line of products in North America, is thrilled with the results of a study recently released proving beyond a doubt, CUTEK® Extreme really does live up to its reputation for providing outstanding protection for all your beautiful outdoor wood projects.  If you’ve ever heard the expression “your best defense is a good offense” CUTEK® Extreme is your champion offensive line. A superior exterior wood and timber coating protection product, CUTEK® Extreme was voted the overall “top choice” after an exhaustive nine month study as measured against 21 other products! Applying CUTEK® Extreme to your deck (or any outdoor wood project) as an offensive strategy has now been proven scientifically, to be your best defense against the elements.

This study shows what Deck Source Inc. already knew about the value of this exceptional product. CUTEK® Extreme is the first of its kind to work ON ANY WOOD (even green) under ANY CONDITIONS. Kim and Linda Katwijk and Sheena Klien, initiated the study, named The Great Stain Shoot-Out, taking elaborate measures to ensure its veracity. After meticulously applying stain to a variety of woods and in strict adherence to each manufacturer’s directions, CUTEK® Extreme and its competition were left to the elements and then reviewed thoroughly after nine months. The entire study will take two years to complete but nine months was considered the mid-point for publication purposes.  “Most of the contestants didn’t fare particularly well” but “Cutek Extreme seemed to be performing quite well.” The study authors looked at moisture resistance, moisture content, mold formation, weathering and colour, along with the difficulty level of having to reapply stain to the test lumber. All testing took place in Washington State, considered by many area residents to be damp for 9-10 months of the year. Tight controls were in place throughout and you can read the whole article in the September/October issue of Professional Deck Builder Magazine.

Price was also a part of the investigation and here CUTEK® Extreme also scored, when comparing the application cost per square foot. The article ranked Cutek “A top pick,” rated as easy to both apply and reapply with good colour retention and deep penetration throughout all types of wood.  While a little more expensive than some of its competition, as Gerald (Partner, Deck Source Inc.) points out, Cutek outperforms the competition in so many ways for a greater overall return on your investment. Since CUTEK® Extreme is guaranteed to never peel or flake, and no time consuming stripping / sanding needs to be done between applications, the overall cost of using CUTEK® Extreme is in line with, or even less than, its competition. Cutek’s wood stabilizing properties reduce checking, cracking, warping & cupping due to the natural movement of wood as it dries.

Previously, in conversations with Gerald, he and his business partner Dave expressed confidence in bringing Cutek to North America despite the extreme weather conditions faced.  The management team at Deck Masters of Canada Building Supplies, (a specialty supply yard with a focus on the decking industry) “didn’t want to recommend a stain prior to this because nothing really lasted but with CUTEK® Extreme we feel confident.” They had done extensive testing and research of their own over the past four years and willingly committed to standing behind this product. The Great Stain Shoot-Out cements their faith in CUTEK® Extreme as an impressive wood treatment that they highly recommend as your best defense against both time and the elements. With further study results proving that water beaded on contact and because no flaking occurred, we can confidently say CUTEK® Extreme outlasts and outperforms the competition. To find out more about how you can “Preserve and protect with Cutek” contact Deck Source Inc. at 1-844-44-CUTEK (844-442-8835).  Dealers and Distributors wanted.