Hidden Benefits of Duradek – The Walkable Roofing Membrane

March 10, 2012 | When it comes to determining the value of a resi­dential property, square footage of living space is one of the primary considerations, but many hom­eowners take for granted that their living space is not restricted to the interior of their home. Outdoor living space is a cherished commodity and although its value is certainly subjective for the individual, there is no question that it adds value to the property. Particularly in the case of roof top decks which are fast becoming a ma­jor value-added feature in urban developments.

For years, the desire for outdoor living space has driven city dwellers to the suburbs. Dreams of family barbecues and lazy days swaying in a hammock can be unexpectedly marred by the reality of weekly lawn cutting and annual sanding and staining of the deck. Suddenly the ultimate place of relaxation becomes a labor intensive maintenance chore. But now, urbanites that have a desire for outdoor living space do not have to… please click here to read more.