Deck building season is in full effect, and as you’re looking at the months and projects to come, you’re probably thinking about how to build the best decks possible while keeping efficiency top of mind. You know better than anyone that crews can run lean, delays can happen, and timelines can get pushed, leaving you with a time crunch on your hands. 

So how do you combat these all-too-common issues on the jobsite? You could memorize mantras to help manage stress (not a bad option), or you could make sure your crew has the building systems that will save time on the job. 

The Only System You Need for Grooved Decking Installs

One facet of your deck builds that has the potential for a significant speedup is the board installation, especially if you’re installing grooved decking. While there are a variety of hidden deck clip systems, they are not all created equally, which means you may be wasting time and money on an inferior system that gets the job done but not well.

If you want to get the job done and do it right, there’s one system you can trust that will help you save time and build better: the CAMO® ClipDRIVE™ System of CAMO Universal Deck Clips, the LEVER® board bending and locking tool, and the ClipDRIVE™ stand-up fastening tool.

Better Hidden Deck Clips

Eliminate the time wasted partially installing clips from your deck projects by using CAMO Universal Deck Clips. Our clips stay in place on the joist or in the groove of the board so you can lay down multiple rows of boards and clips and fasten an entire field at one time.

We offer STARTER Clips for your first board, EDGE® Clips for 90° deck patterns on wood joists, EDGEX® Clips for double joists, rim joists, or angled deck patterns on wood joists, and EDGEXMETAL® Clips for any grooved deck build on 14–18GA metal joists.

Beyond being easy to set, CAMO Universal Deck Clips check off a few more boxes as well. The plastic body creates consistent 3/16 in. spacing between boards allowing for expansion, contraction, and airflow. They also feature a Stainless Steel gusset that offers stronger holding power. In independent tests, our clips are up to 88% stronger than competitors’ clips in reducing lateral movement and up to 50% stronger in uplift holding power. Those are numbers that will leave you and the homeowner confident in your build.

Maximize Productivity and Efficiency

If it feels like you’re always in need of another set of hands-on the job, add CAMO LEVER to your crew. This board bending and locking tool eliminates the need for someone to hold decking in place for fastening, meaning your crew can be that much more efficient. With its walkaway lockout power, you can even finish the job by yourself, getting your boards set and going back to fasten.

For grooved decking installs, we recommend using 2–4 LEVER tools across the length of the deck to help keep the spacing consistent. Unlike other board benders that can be difficult to place or lack versatility, you can set up the LEVER for any job you’re tackling in no time. For example, after you set the joist type—LEVER adjusts to wood and metal joists 1-½ in. to 3 in. wide—you tighten it to the joist, then turn the handle to lock the boards in place. That’s it. Now you’re free to stand up and fasten in no time.

The Fastest Way to Fasten Grooved Decking

Maybe you caught that we said you could “stand up and fasten” deck boards. We know some of you might even be thinking that was a typo. It’s not. Our final recommendation for boosting efficiency on your jobs and building better is fastening grooved decking with the CAMO ClipDRIVE—the stand-up fastening tool for CAMO Universal Deck Clips.

This latest innovation from CAMO was specifically designed to fasten CAMO Universal Deck Clips and do it really, really well. The heavy-duty but lightweight tool is ergonomically designed so you can comfortably fasten deck boards while standing. It also has a height-adjustable handle, making it the right fit for everyone on your crew.

In terms of time savings, ClipDRIVE has a weighted nose that makes it simple to swing the tool from joist to joist and easily target screw heads, making fastening a breeze, while the no-mar nose protects the board from rings or scuffs. Plus, it has a short drive shaft making fastening even quicker while reducing your arm fatigue since there’s a short distance to compress the drill.

ClipDRIVE is so streamlined that it’ll be ready to put in the work practically out of the box—no user manual or instructions required. The tool comes apart where you think it should, and it’s easy to insert a bit, attach your drill, and go. Another bonus to look forward to? The only routine maintenance you need to perform is changing the bit. It doesn’t get any better than that.

So when it comes to boosting your efficiency on the job and building better decks, you have to have the tools (and fasteners) to succeed. Take it from the many crews who install grooved decking and want to leave any trace of back pain behind and rely on CAMO to experience the better way to build a deck.