SKOKIE, Ill.May 3, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — Now that spring is here, everyone will want to enjoy their decks as much as possible.  However, older decks or those with structural issues could be at risk for collapse, causing serious injury to you and your loved ones.  The North American Deck and Railing Association (NADRA) is partnering with AZEK Building Products during Deck Safety Month® in May to promote deck safety.  AZEK, a world leader in decking with the AZEK® and TimberTech® brands, recommends homeowners Check Your Deck® before those fun outdoor barbecues.

Contractors can use a different color edge board to show a change in elevation as an extra safety measure. Shown: TimberTech Antiqua Gold with Antigua Palm accent.

“Our first priority is homeowner safety,” says Bruce Stanhope, Vice President, Research and Development, AZEK Building Products.  “Because decks are exposed to extreme weather and temperatures over the years, they need to be inspected by a professional home inspector for structural integrity to ensure they are safe and strong.”

NADRA’s Michael Beaudry, executive vice president, agrees. “With more than 50 million decks in the U.S., it is estimated that 25 million decks are past their useful life and need to be replaced or repaired,” he says. “Consider the snowfall from the past year– the heavy loads cause additional stress on outdoor structures and create a need to re-evaluate.”

Special attention should be placed on older decks built before codes and safety were enforced. “AZEK is dedicated to consumer safety at all levels, so we have an entire department devoted to code compliance,” Stanhope noted. “Homeowners should make sure their decking meets residential code listings and that railings are strong and certified for load bearing.”

“AZEK and TimberTech brands are protected with capped technology for resistance to weather, and for high-performance and low-maintenance,” says Stanhope. “However, you never know what is happening within the substructure, so the Check Your Deck® reminder helps to ensure a safe deck season.”

Check out NADRA’s “10-Point Consumer Safety Checklist” for tips on making decks safer at  Or, to learn more about AZEK Building Products, visit

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AZEK Building Products, a division of The AZEK® Company, is a leader in the development of premium, low-maintenance exterior building products. Available to a worldwide audience, our product lines span AZEK® Deck, Rail, Trim, Moulding, Porch, Pavers, and Adhesives, as well as capped wood composite decking and railing under the TimberTech® name. Both brands, synonymous with quality and innovation and made in America, lead their market areas by continually reinventing product lines and redefining entire product categories. For more information about AZEK, visit For more information on TimberTech, visit

About NADRA:
The North American Decking and Railing Association is the voice of the decking industry, representing the interests of deck buildersinspectorsmanufacturers, dealers/distributors, lumberyards, wholesalers, retailers, and service providers alike. NADRA’s mission is to provide a unified source for the professional development, promotion, growth, and sustenance of the deck and railing building industry in North America so that members can exceed the expectations of their customers. Visit to access all of NADRA’s Deck Safety Month® resources.

SOURCE AZEK Building Products