For Immediate Release:

Plymouth, MA, April 18, 2024 – Atlantis Rail Systems is excited to announce their partnership with Simbul Sales to support their partners in Idaho, Wyoming, Montana, and Utah. The Simbul Sales team brings over 50 years of experience providing outstanding dealer and contractor service and support to the Intermountain states building materials community. The Simbul team is ready to support you with their extensive product knowledge, training, top-selling products, merchandising support, free estimate services through Atlantis Rail, and much more.

The team will be reaching out to Atlantis Rail’s Authorized Dealers to get a better understanding of how they can support each partner’s unique requirements and needs to increase their sales and profits in the cable railing system category. For immediate assistance, the Simbul Sales team can be reached at (801) 710-3942 or Bob at

Simbul Sales is a family-owned sales and marketing agency specializing in supporting the vendor partners in the building materials industry. Their focus is distribution channels that support/service the professional builders, custom builders, commercial, muti-family builders and remodelers. They leverage their high-quality representative brands to increase sales, gain market share and grow partnership loyalty for long term success. The team knows that every dealer has different needs and will work each dealer to help maximize their sales.

Atlantis Rail Systems is a leading manufacturer of premium stainless steel and aluminum cable and glass railing systems.  These railing systems have been designed for assembly using a collection of patented railing fittings and components to allow for the delivery of turnkey railing systems at a low cost. Atlantis Rail designs and manufactures cable railing and glass railing systems to client specifications, making it ideal for all applications; commercial and residential, indoor and outdoor. To learn more about Atlantis Rail’s products and services, please visit or call (800) 541-6829.

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