September 14, 2011 | Thanks to everyone that attended [our last] meeting and helped with making it a success.

The turn out was great with 52 signing the registry. The McCormick & Schmick facility was a definite step in the right direction although it’s obvious we still need more space. Our chapter apparently made an impression on the staff there as well as the manager has offered to set up a private bar for us at our next meeting since our members just about ran the legs off the servers… lol.

Special thanks go out to Larry Pease and Kevin Magers of Trex for sponsoring our gathering. Larry gave an update on many of Trex’s new products including the porch boards and steel structure components. The presentation and the support and sponsoring of our chapter are much appreciated and it should be pointed out that Trex has strongly supported this chapter since our inception.

Very special thanks to our State Representative Mark Hamilton who was generous enough to spend an evening with us and serve as our key note speaker. He touched on a number of interesting topics including issues that affect our state economically and on the immigrations legislation that is being passed in Georgia. Thanks to Ms. Ginny Tibbett’s for arranging for Mr. Hamilton’s appearance.

Thanks to one of our founding members Frank Palogruto for giving a presentation on “Synergies”. This type of member participation is both appreciated and encouraged. I hope this is the first of many that will volunteer to share thoughts and ideas with our chapter members.

Thanks to James Gunning as well for setting up the new (rented) sound system and serving as our sound crew.

We touched on a few aspects of our chapter business with the most urgent being the Deck for a Soldier effort coming up at the end of September. Keith Compton is heading this effort up and as we discussed this will be a joint venture with Operation Homefront. The solider customer selection process is already in the works.

We have vendor members that have offered to provide decking, framing and fastening hardware. We had guest present that we hope will be joining our chapter that have offered to provide the dumpster as well. I need to verify but I believe we still need a railing provider. There will be a few misc. items needed that may require a minimal monetary donation.

One thing we’ve not heard from at this point is contractor volunteers. According to NADRA By-laws Article 22, Section 11, Paragraph 3, if we don’t hear from any willing to donate a day for services we will be forced to re instate the NADRA Contractor Labor DRAFT…………actually there may not be any such by- laws but we really do need volunteers.

Seriously last year we had 4-5 contractors that did the heavy lifting and we coordinated it in a “relay race” tag in manner. It worked fine. If there are any that would like to help in this capacity please let Keith or me know a.s.a.p. If any of the vendor members would like to help with the actual build even if it’s just for a few hours, just put your name in the hat and we’ll work everyone in. I would hope that what we do this time will only take 3-4 days. Know that food and refreshments are on site each day and it really is somewhat of a festive event even during the building process. PLEASE email Keith Compton and me so that we can begin to plan and arrange the details.

Another aspect of chapter business includes up coming elections. For anyone needing a nomination ballot please contact Ginny or me and we’ll get you one. We have 30 days for this process and submitted ballots should be faxed or emailed to Margie Beaudry at 1-888-623-7248 or If you did not pick up a ballot just let Margie, Ginny, or me know and we’ll get you one.
The voting will occur through ballots at the October meeting and positions will be occupied after the first of the year.

I brought up the Deck Expo but I forgot to encourage everyone to register for the NADRA Dinner and Awards Banquet and special events that are planned. For those that attended last year you know how much fun it was and for those who have not yet attended… you won’t be disappointed. I would also encourage everyone to consider entering the Deck Design Contest as well. Please go to to review and register for both.

Again I sincerely thank our sponsors, our speakers, and everyone that continues to attend, support, and grow our chapter.

Bobby Parks
Atlanta NADRA Chapter President