October 25, 2011 | Thanks to everyone that attended last Thursdays Atlanta NADRA Chapter meeting.

Special thanks to Greg Mizerack and PMC Building Supply for sponsoring this event. PMC has been a good supporter of our chapter and this was their second sponsorship in the past two years. Greg gave a nice presentation regarding PMC Building Supply’s services and brought along an associate who made a presentation on Feeney Cable Rail.

Special thanks go to Officer Hudson from the Georgia Public Safety Department who served as our guest speaker. His discussion and insight regarding legalities involved in operating commercial vehicles and the requirements pertaining to such was very interesting and helpful. Officer Hudson handled quite the influx of questions from our members and always had the answers. We really appreciate him taking the time to be with us. Thanks to Ginny Tibbetts for making the arrangements for Officer Hudson to attend.

Chapter business included the final discussions regarding our upcoming Deck for a Soldier effort. Keith Compton led the discussion on this and has since met with the homeowner and finalized our efforts with Operation Homefront.

Several of our chapter members who placed in the National Deck Design Awards were mentioned and recognized.

One of the most important events of the night included our BOD offices elections. Both president and vice president seats were in play. This chapter is fortunate to have two members with such ability, commitment, enthusiasm, and class as James Gunning and Keith Compton who were the two names submitted as nominees. Both took the floor for a few minutes each to partake in our version of the Presidential Debates. Each shared their thoughts and reasons for wanting to be involved in the leadership of this chapter.

Ballots were passed out to voting members and the folded and collected in the voting box. Votes were counted and recounted. The good news was that there were no hanging chads….the not so good news was that the vote was a tie. James, Keith and I stepped outside the room and discussed possible scenarios to settle the draw. A re vote was discussed along with other options but in the end a highly technical solution was agreed on by both parties. During the implementation of this procedure, James called heads, I flipped the coin onto the carpet, and Keith Compton won the toss.
Once the results were announced along with the way it was settled other members suggested that “arm wresting” or “beer drinking” would have been a better venue to settle the dilemma but at that point it was settled.

Personally I’m excited to have both of these individuals involved in the future of our chapter and there’s no doubt that they will work well together along with Ginny Tibbetts who was nominated to serve another term as Secretary / Treasurer as a great team. The thing you would have to be there to really understand is the class in which both displayed. The cordiality towards each other and the outcome was admirable to say the least. The fact that they each voted for the other shows some insight to the makeup of these two very unselfish individuals. The best of luck to both of them in regards to next years chapter events.

On a final note: Scott Sheppard of Great Southern announced that they would be sponsoring our December Year End meeting and that Mr. Jimmy Rane AKA “Yella Fella” has agreed to be our key note speaker. We have other aspects planned along with several guests that should make this a fantastic event. This will be held on December 8th so please clear out that evening on your calendar. More information will be provided as we get closer and details are finalized.

Thanks again to everyone for making our October meeting a success.


Bobby Parks
Atlanta NADRA Chapter President