New customers are the lifeblood of any business – including decking companies.

There are many different ways to find new clients, but one of the simplest and least labor-intensive is to partner with a lead generation company.

However, not all lead generation companies are built the same. As you may have experienced, some of these companies are happy to accept payment without providing quality in return. So you end up with a ton of low-value or shared leads that waste your time, effort and of course, your money.

These problems are totally avoidable when you know what to look for in a quality lead.

Here are 3 pillars to ensure there’s a good probability you’ll get solid value and ROI from your new-customer-generation spend.

    1.   Exclusivity is important:

This is so crucial for contractors and homeowners alike.

For contractors, exclusive leads mean reduced competition, allowing you to focus your efforts on fresh, high-quality leads. This results in better conversion rates and return on investment.

Homeowners benefit from this exclusivity by receiving personalized attention from contractors who are genuinely interested in their project, plus they aren’t bombarded with endless sales calls.

Exclusivity also encourages trust between the homeowner and the contractor, as personal information is not being shared with multiple parties.

    2.   TCPA-Compliance to improve contact rates:

This is a crucial advantage for contractors because all leads are obtained ethically and legally. By following TCPA regulations, contractors receive leads that have explicitly consented to being contacted, reducing the risk of legal issues and potential fines.

Plus, homeowners are happy because they are expecting to be contacted by your contracting company so they’re open and ready for a conversation. No one likes ‘spam’ calls and TCPA-compliant leads are critical in avoiding this problem.

    3.   Pre-qualify to filter out tire kickers:

This is a game-changer in the lead generation industry, because contractors get leads that are not only interested in their services but are typically also ready to move forward with a project (assuming price and services fit).

By filtering out unqualified leads, contractors can focus their time and resources on prospects with genuine potential and avoid wasting time on ‘looky loos’.

Pre-qualification also leads to smoother interactions between contractors and homeowners, as contractors can tailor their approach to meet the specific needs and preferences of each lead.

Of course, there is a lot more that goes into generating value for a contractor above and beyond the three criteria we discussed.

For over 10 years, HomeBuddy who’s a proud member of NADRA, has worked in the home improvement industry and has developed a very effective system to find a high volume of homeowners in your local area who are specifically interested in building a new deck. In fact, several NADRA members are already getting quality decking leads from them. 

They provide 100% exclusive TCPA-compliant leads, a critical difference from many other lead-gen providers. HomeBuddy also pre-screens all leads before they send them your way, to make sure you can focus on potential customers who are open-minded and ready to start a new decking project.

If you’d like, HomeBuddy can even make in-person appointments on your behalf so you only need to show up and talk to the homeowner about the project.

Most importantly, for qualifying NADRA members, HomeBuddy offers a revenue share model.

You can test their leads and only pay a set marketing cost if you’re making a sale. If those leads don’t work out for you, you pay nothing, period.

The only ‘catch’ is that HomeBuddy will ask for simple disposition reports to help understand your results and optimize for lead quality. Plus, they will also check if your area isn’t overly saturated so that they can provide a stable flow of exclusive leads.

Click here to book a call with HomeBuddy rep to see how it works and if the revenue share model would fit your net marketing cost expectations.

Hundreds of contractors all across the country, including many decking companies, are using HomeBuddy to attract new business, including Zintex Remodeling Group, one of HomeBuddy’s long term business partners:

“Out of all of the different sources that we have at Zintex, HomeBuddy consistently ranks in the top five of our lead sources when it comes to net revenue that we produce, as well as a consistent cost of marketing percentage.  Because of HomeBuddy’s team and the optimization that they’re able to do … I definitely give them five stars. I’d give them six if I could.”

Click here to see what other contractors are saying about HomeBuddy.

Here’s how HomeBuddy Helps:

Expertise in multiple marketing channels: HomeBuddy uses over 20 marketing channels to attract homeowners who are actively seeking decking services across the web. This strategy ensures that HomeBuddy can provide a consistent flow of prospects who are already interested, resulting in higher-quality leads.

No-cost integration and no contracts: There are no upfront fees, no-cost integrations and no long-term contracts. Simply pay for leads as they are delivered to you once you get onboarded.

Shortened sales cycle: With homeowners already interested in your decking services, the time and effort required to convert these leads into paying customers are significantly reduced. This makes the sales process smoother and more efficient.

Pre-screened leads: HomeBuddy uses a comprehensive questionnaire to pre-screen homeowners before passing the leads to contractors. This means there’s a good match between the project’s requirements, the homeowner’s expectations and the contractor’s capabilities, increasing the chances of a successful project and satisfied customers.

Exclusive, TCPA-Compliant leads: Each lead is sent to only one contractor, eliminating competition among HomeBuddy’s contracting partners. This exclusivity ensures that homeowners receive focused and personalized attention from the contractor, increasing the likelihood of conversion to a paying customer.

Positive homeowner experience: Homeowners only receive communication from a single contractor via HomeBuddy, keeping them positive and engaged about their project. This

helps build trust and move the project discussion forward more effectively.

Call center support: HomeBuddy provides a call center that can handle prospect outreach during regular business hours plus after-hours and weekends. This increases your chances of conversion, because HomeBuddy reaches out at times most convenient for homeowners.

Dedicate account manager: A trained Partnership Manager will be assigned to your account and will help you navigate the HomeBuddy platform and answer any questions you might have.

HomeBuddy aims to provide a complete end-to-end lead generation solution for contractors using the most ethical methods to find, qualify and manage leads throughout the sales cycle.

If you are interested in learning more about HomeBuddy and seeing what they can do for your decking business, please click here to get in touch!