Home Builders have NAHB and Remodelers have NARI. We, as Outdoor Living Builders, have NADRA.

by Bobby Parks

As a deck builder that builds decks full time or a remodeler or landscape company that does a few a year, why should you join NADRA? Whether you’re a member or not, you’re already the beneficiary of some of NADRA’s efforts without realizing it. Since 2004, NADRA has helped shape, organize, improve, and grow the Outdoor Living Industry.

A better question might be why wouldn’t you invest in and support the organization that provides a voice for your industry?

NADRA has assisted in providing representation at ICC code hearings which directly impacts the cost of how and what we build. You may think that code requirements have become complex but it would be even more complicated if NADRA had not been supporting efforts here. NADRA provides educational and deck safety programs as well as the Deck for a Soldier campaign which provides a way to give back to those who have served. The NADRA National+ Deck Competition and Awards Ceremony provides motivation for many builders to become more creative.

NADRA  provides reasons and ways for us to gather, meet, interact, and befriend others who share in the outdoor building world. NADRA provides a constant effort with updates of what’s happening nationally as well as code and safety information through the NADRA brief. NADRA has done more to consolidate the industry and bring builders together while avoiding brand barriers than anyone or anything else. NADRA doesn’t care whose product you use, you’re welcome into the family. It has created a community that has made building fun.

Most of us are open to investing dollars in something that provides a predictable return. Maybe it’s a good idea to make an investment with a group that provides this industry some organization. Maybe it’s good to support as well as receive the benefits that NADRA provides. It doesn’t matter what brand you use or how large or small your company is. If you’re a carpenter, designer, outdoor living builder, pool contractor, inspector, or remodeler, this is the organization that focuses on the Outdoor Living Industry.

You might be surprised what attending the NADRA awards event or hanging around the NADRA booth at the Deck Expo could do for you. You don’t need to submit an award entry to participate as the benefits include the camaraderie and inspiration that becomes contagious from just being there. For many, it provides a second wind along with encouragement and a mental recharge of your batteries just from receiving a dose of positive energy from the members involved. The dues involved are minimal but the benefits for many are priceless.

I’ve been involved in this industry for 30 years and my involvement and relationships here have provided some of the most fun and rewarding experiences I’ve had. Some of the best friends I’ve made are a result of being a NADRA member. I, along with most members, have friends all across this country and in others that we communicate with and see at least once a year. We benefit from the sharing of knowledge with other like-minded people.

For those who are interested, whether it’s to be a supporting member or those that want to attend events, please join us today. We look forward to meeting you.