By: Clint Webb
Deck Building 101 & Webb Decks
Proud Member of NADRA
Let’s pretend that we are talking football… is the award a touchdown or more like the MVP trophy? … Or maybe is it more like taking home a Superbowl ring? If you ask me, it’s the equivalent to an induction into the hall of fame, the custom deck building hall of fame!

In 2021, Webb Decks came to the National+ Deck Competition as an underdog in every sense of the word. As we competed against the world’s best artists, creators, and companies, we were humbled to take home two awards for our curved pergola project.   After returning home from the awards ceremony, we immediately saw the NADRA Award Winning Deck Builder effect. The level and quality of our decks went up tremendously, the value of our work increased, as well as the demand for our services.

In 2022, we were honored to be recognized for our Two Moons Curved Pergola project, receiving a first-place award in the refinished/refurbished category. Although we were stoked, we couldn’t help but think about all the deck builders who might never have had the opportunity to compete at that level. That’s when we started working with NADRA and our Deck Building 101 family to make opportunities more accessible to up-and-coming deck builders around the world. This allows them to not only compete for awards, but also meet, learn from, and be inspired by all NADRA members.

NADRA’S NEW 2022 category for Entry Level Deck is exclusive to first-time participants entering The National+ Deck Competition. It allows emerging deck builders the opportunity to compete against their peers for the first time, at a lower cost and on a level playing field.

Through our Deck Building 101 Facebook group, we see so many highly skilled builders that are doing it right, creating works of art  – small, family companies that go out every day and do their absolute best, more often than not they are fighting an uphill battle without the resources, knowledge, and opportunities necessary to realize their dreams.

The door is open for the next generation of custom deck builders to participate in the National+ Deck Competition and connect with all of the people and tools they need to raise the bar and thrive.

The Deck Building 101 mission to “Learn – Educate – Build & Inspire” the next generation of deck builders is possible because of the inspiration that I encountered as a NADRA member watching the awards and participating in the National+ Deck competition. You have an ally in us. We encourage you to enter the entry-level category and join us for the 2023 NADRA Summit in Clearwater Beach, FL March 29th – 31st, 2023.

**** Entry Level Deck: This must be your first time entering the National+ Deck Competition. The project must be a deck. Can be an alternative or a wood deck. The project must be under $20,000. This category does not qualify to be considered for the overall winner. You may not enter this project in any other category. If you prefer to compete against all other NADRA members, do not enter this category. ****

How to get started: 
  1. Join NADRA
  2. Save and Read the Official Handbook
  3. Enter the Competition
  4. Reserve your room at the resort
  5. Registration for NADRA’s 2023 Summit will be open soon!