Bremen, IN, January 24, 2023.  Digger Specialties Inc. (DSI), a leading manufacturer of outdoor living materials, features industry leading Westbury Aluminum Railing systems in a wide selection of styles. Westbury Riviera Series aluminum railing is the perfect choice to complement any deck, porch, or balcony where wood, composite, or PVC deck boards are used and can also be used for interior applications.  Westbury Riviera Series aluminum deck railing features a distinctive three rail design that enhances the curb appeal of residential and commercial properties. In addition to offering safety and strength, Westbury Riviera Series aluminum railing is code approved for both residential and commercial railing applications.

Westbury Riviera Series aluminum deck railing offers important advantages over other railing systems.  Unlike steel railing, aluminum railing will not rust and is much lighter in weight making it easier to handle and install.  Wood railing can warp and buckle and needs to be painted or stained.  Aluminum railing is more durable than vinyl railing and is easier to maintain.  Composite railing systems are more complicated, more expensive, and more challenging to install than Westbury aluminum deck railing. All DSI Westbury aluminum railing systems are backed by a lifetime limited warranty.

Westbury Riviera Series aluminum railing is available in an industry leading 12 standard colors with the option to obtain custom colors through special order.  Both smooth and textured surfaces can be selected.  DSI’s proprietary 10 step powder coating process is the most stringent in the industry and ensures lasting color and surfaces. DSI also offers matching gates for Westbury Riviera Series aluminum railing. Another way to capture the beauty of Westbury aluminum railing is the option of nighttime illumination with Magena Star lighting.

Westbury Riviera aluminum railing’s three rail design has six style variations available and features an attractive top rail with 3/4” round or square balusters. Westbury Riviera deck railing sections come in a choice of 36” or 42” heights with railing lengths of 4’, 5’, 6’, 7’ and 8’. An added option for Westbury Riviera aluminum deck railing is a drink rail adapter which allows for a matching deck material to be installed on top of the railing system to accommodate drinks.   Over the past decade, products that enhance the outdoor lifestyle have become more popular than ever.  Westbury Riviera aluminum railing combines upscale beauty, safety, and durability to homes and commercial properties.

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