Man-made foundations have two basic functions; to transfer the loads properly into the soil structure below and to provide a connection to the built structure above. There are two general types of foundations; deep vertical pilings and shallow spread footings. Pilings keep existing soil strength and structure intact and are easy to install if they don’t have to go too deep. Footings spread loads more widely, but installation breaks apart the soil, weakening it and blocking or exaggerating water flow. 

Pin Pile Technology combines the best features of both types of foundations. By grouping short stiff piles (bearing pins), which can easily be driven into intact penetrable soils, and setting them at angles to work more like a shallow spread footing, a sound foundation can be constructed that requires no excavation.  

Pin Foundation’s innovation is to bring Pin Pile Technology into common use with a superior connector – the Diamond Pier concrete head. This high strength precast component is a driving guide, a pile lock, and a structural connection all in one. As a driving guide, the head maintains the pin angles so that their capacity is definable and consistent. As a lock, the head is designed to increase its grip on the pin cluster when loaded up, down or sideways – getting stronger and tighter as loads increase. As a connection, the embedded anchor bolt and precast post-matching shape allow for easy connection to standard, off-the-shelf post bases.  

The Diamond Pier concrete head combined with the galvanized steel bearing pin group forms the Diamond Pier system which is engineered to provide a solid, stable and economical foundation for residential deck construction. 

Take advantage of Pin Pile Technology on your next deck project – use Diamond Pier!