New Router Bit and L-Bracket Bring Additional Solutions to Contractors

Wilmington, OH – April 15, 2010 | Hidden fastening offers a clean, attractive decking surface for the homeowner and a faster and easier installation process for the contractor. Now, TimberTech expands their already popular CONCEALoc® hidden fastening system to include the CONCEALoc L-Bracket, Router Bit, Replacement Screws and Gun Pail.

TimberTech’s CONCEALoc L-Bracket is a high-quality stainless steel, multi-functional securing tool that eliminates unsightly face screws on starter boards and doubles as a butt seam clip to prevent the need for sister joists. One retail bag includes 50 L-Brackets, 53 3/4” plank screw and 53 1-1/2” joist screw and a #2 Robertson drive bit.

The CONCEALoc Router Bit is an ideal solution to allow for hidden fastening on non-grooved planks. The Router Bit is custom-designed for TimberTech to cut a groove in solid deck boards, even after the board has been fastened to the joist. With the reconfigured sealed bearings, the Router Bit will rout right over a joist and create a channel at the perfect height, width and depth to accept a CONCEALoc fastener. This 3-wing cutter has a 1/4” shank to work with any size router and features high-quality carbide tips that ensure consistent cuts and longer life.

It’s inevitable – screws will drop through the cracks. Instead of buying extras in bulk, TimberTech now offers a Replacement Screw retail bag of 50 stainless steel screws to be used with CONCEALoc and an additional driver bit.

TimberTech’s CONCEALoc Gun Pail offers enough CONCEALoc clips and screws to cover 500 sq. ft. The Pail fasteners are designed to work with the new TigerClaw pneumatic installation gun, making installation time even faster and easier. Additionally, the collated screws can be backed out with a screwdriver if necessary.

TimberTech’s CONCEALoc fasteners have been a top-selling item since the product’s introduction in 2006. CONCEALoc hidden fasteners, designed exclusively for TimbeTech deck planks, provide uniform 1/8” gapping and are available in a 100 sq. ft. coverage carton and 1,000 sq. ft. coverage bucket. Each size comes with a #7 x 1-5/8” Robertson drive screw.

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