How do you measure success? Do you measure it in numbers? Your bank statements? Position title? Do you measure it in air mileage? Instagram followers?

Is success for you passing on the torch? Stepping back and hiring the right crews to take over the day-to-day operations? Is success hitting your favorite vacation spots with your buddies or spouse? Is it the brand name clothes and expensive toys?

There is no wrong answer here. Success looks different for everyone.

For me, I measure success in hugs. My 4 kids are homeschooled. We have a nanny that helps most days from 8:30 am – 3 pm. During busy seasons, such as the awards, she will stay until 5 pm and my husband and I will hire more help to stay later. (He also works many hours) I’ll see the kids during dinner, and then quietly find myself back at my desk to catch up until 9 pm, and sometimes as late as 1 am.

Like many of you, when you are passionate about something, you do what it takes to get it done. Most of the time it doesn’t even feel like work. I know a lot of you stay up late, using that time to edit your videos and plan your social media. When else can you do it? You’re passionate about what you do… so you do what it takes to get it done. For me, and for 16 years, I have been passionate about all of you.

 16 years is a long time to stick with something. Just think how much happens in 16 years’ time. It’s not something to shrug at. Whether it be a relationship, a child, a family pet, a home, or a career. You spend 16 years with anything/ anyone and it becomes part of your identity.

I was recently offered a promotion. Before accepting this promotion, I needed to take some time and weigh the pros and cons. I even took it to my whiteboard. This promotion will be a lot more work. It will take even more hours, more patience, and a significant team to manage. It means daily meetings face-to-face. It means more people are watching my every move. More opinions, and likely some internal conflict will come along with it. It will mean less time for myself, and more time building the most amazing thing I have ever created in my life.

I took the promotion.

May 16th will be the first day in my new position as wife, Mom, teacher, and adventurer!

I’ve been promoted to the most fantastic gig I could have ever dreamed of.

My team consists of:

  • Wyatt Michael, 8 years old
  • Charlie Anne, 6 years old
  • Benjamin Maximus, 4 years old
  • Saylor Rose, 2 years old

The kids started a countdown app and remind me every day when my “promotion” begins.

It’s an adventure I feel so blessed to go on. This, my friends, is my version of success.

Thank you for your years of support, friendship, and love. This is a ridiculously fun industry, and I will forever be grateful for my years with you. I will miss you dearly.

Please keep in touch. Follow along on our adventures on my personal Instagram page @SunshineandSaltwaterMom – You will surely be entertained. Our kids are crazy fun.


Heather A. Marchand

PS: I’m sure I will see you at DeckExpo and the NADRA Awards event. After all, who can say no to Margie?!!