For 100 years, the Dickies brand has been worn around the world by ordinary people making extraordinary things.

Founded in Fort Worth, Texas in 1922, Dickies began with a simple mission: to make high quality workwear for hard-working Americans and to champion the dignity of work. Launching with a single product – the now iconic bib overalls – it wasn’t long before Dickies was discovered around the world and a global brand was born. What began as a single product workwear company has grown into a global community of workers and makers; people who shape our world through their grit and relentless hard work. Through its exponential growth, however, Dickies remained laser-focused on its mission. It is because of this steadfast determination that the brand has become so much more than just a workwear company. A movement has been created. A movement founded upon the idea that anyone, anywhere, can create a legacy of their own through their own strength and perseverance.

This year, Dickies is celebrating with all those who have help build the brand, and our world, without praise, for the last 100 years. Those who have learned the value of hard work from generations before them. Those who have passed down their hard-wearing Dickies workwear to their sons, daughters, nieces, and nephews. Generations of people who have been Made in Dickies. 

Advancing Hard Work through Workwear Innovation

With 100 years of product research to draw upon, Dickies has constantly innovated workwear technology that has helped elevate the workwear industry to new levels. When workers wanted durable pants that offered superior comfort, Dickies created Tough Max™ workwear. When workers needed apparel that would move with them as they bend, kneel, and squat, Dickies incorporated FLEX fabric technology. When outdoor workers needed workwear that could keep them warm in winter and cool in summer, Temp-iQ® was born.

With features like knee-pad pockets, kick plates at the cuff, and reinforced stress points, Dickies consistently delivers unmatched durability and value. There are so many things to love about Dickies, but here are a few of our absolute favorites, thinking specifically about the needs of outdoor workers:


Enhanced with trailblazing temperature control technology, Temp-iQ® offers ultimate protection when it comes to changing outdoor working conditions. The intelligent Temp-iQ® fabrication reacts to your body’s core needs, releasing heat when you’re warm and trapping it when you are cold. Plus, the added benefit of the moisture wicking technology keeps you cool and dry no matter how high the mercury rises. UPF sun protection is at your back as well, supporting your needs when your outdoor work demands it.



Deck building is a dynamic job that demands workwear that raises the bar on durability and protection. For this reason, we highly value the cutting-edge benefits of DuraTech® technology. Constructed from tough fabrics with the built-in support of FLEX fabrication for ease of movement and comfort, you’ll also be equipped with a RepelPro finish that wipes away oil and water with ease, so you can maintain focus on the task at hand.

NADRA + Dickies

Dickies has carved out its niche as an iconic American workwear brand through hard work over the last century. This well-deserved accolade has been the direct result of the brand’s ability to adapt to the times and to listen to the needs of its customers. It is because of these like-minded values that NADRA is a proud supporter of Dickies.