June 14, 2010 | If you are building a deck there are more options that you think in terms of deck stairs. Most homeowner and contractors limit themselves to stairs made out of the same material of the deck. Maybe if they are more creative they build a mid platform so the stairs can change directions. What they are not considering are the advantages of a spiral stair as a type of deck stair. A spiral stair offers a totally different set of advantages from a regular set of deck stairs. For example not only does it set your deck apart from the others, it also saves space and looks beautiful while doing it.

Let’s examine the straight stair first. Your typical deck straight stair is going take up the most amount of room and will prove a challenge to design into the average person’s back yard. It will take up additional space and it is the most common stair put off a deck. It is potentially the, but depending on the height of your deck could take a couple days to make and requires a number of extra footings.
Next is the mid platform straight stair that switches back at the platform. This stair will certainly cost more money, but will take up less room than a straight deck stair. This will also require extra footings and a couple more days to create.

Then the third option for any deck stair is a spiral stair. Spiral stairs take up the smallest footprint of any stair which saves valuable backyard space, they require a maximum of one footing (if an extra one at all is required), can be assembled in less than a day, and can be customized to any degree. A spiral stair can be designed any way you would like including, but not limited to any matching or custom color, any entry and exit point of the stair, any design of the treads and balusters, and the list goes on. You can also put matching composite or wood decking on top of the steps so your spiral stair can still match your deck if you so choose.

In addition to that there are a few different price points to a spiral stair so that almost any budget can be met. The most economical option is the galvanized steel spiral stair. This finish is an industrial gray color and the galvanizing makes the steel impervious to the outside elements including salt water. It is great for the home that either likes the galvanized look or is looking for something on a tighter budget. Another option is a powder coated aluminum spiral which can be painted any color including matching or creating custom colors. The aluminum is also impervious to the outside elements and is a sleeker look which again can be painted any color the customer desires. Both of these options are maintenance free and ability to stand up in the elements is equal. The only differences are the finish and look of the stair along with the price.
In conclusion I have outlined the main three options for a deck stair -the straight stair, the switching mid platform straight stair, and a spiral stair. Spiral stairs are a great option either for looks or necessity, but the bottom line is that it should be a product that all homeowners and contractors should consider for their project. In addition spiral stairs can be manufactured to meet all building codes and save the customer a lot of space while truly enhancing the backyard from a visual perspective.

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