Rosario Ungaro is a NADRA Deck Builder, Artisan in the Greater Toronto area. Both Ross and his son Anthony were in a horrific car accident back on December 4th, 2013. Being a mom and pop operation, all on-going work and leads came to a halt. We all know too well what it’s like running a small operation. Their business, Benchmark Building Services, Inc. is undoubtedly suffering. Neither he or his son are able to follow up on leads or go on sales calls, giving them no choice but to pass up potential clients. Projects that started before the accident are yet to be completed. They are fortunate that clients have been so understanding and willing to wait a little while longer. However, they fear as the warm weather nears, their clients’ will demand work to be finished. Rosario and his son plan to start the interview process this week for potential carpenters to work with their team.  

We asked Ross for an update that we could share with you. Here it is:

“My son and I are humbled by everyone’s generosity and well wishes.  I have started therapy and with crutches and a brace on my left knee I am able to walk and tend to myself more.  As for me, I feel incredibly grateful and fortunate to be surrounded by such caring and giving family and friends.  Just when my spirits are low, one will call and lift my spirits and make my day, which has made these 4 months pass quicker.  When our colleague’s created the GoFundMe site, again, we were humbled with their incredible generosity. Thank you for all your effort and support.”


Rosario and his family have been helping others in his community his entire life. He has built decks and walkways for folks in need. Please help us help Rosario and his family. A small contribution from his fellow NADRA members along with the extended industry professionals receiving this message can help make a difference in this tough time. This could happen to any of us, please take a moment and make a contribution.” Mike Beaudry, Executive VP, NADRA.

NADRA, “Doing things for the right reasons and having fun doing them!” To make a contribution, please visit the GoFundMe site HERE or visit and search “Rosario Ungaro”

Ross is a highly regarded Deck Builder/Artisan in the Greater Toronto Area. He and Anthony were recently featured on HGTV’s “Deck Wars” Show (“The Ultimate Kids’ Deck”) . They also donated many days to help out the Marilyn Denis Show for a Mother’s Day makeover surprise, and a deck rebuild for the Goderich Tornado Assistance episode. The picture above shows them as part of the team that won the Best Booth Award in Construct Canada. They are proud members of NADRA, the North American Deck & Railing Association.